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By John S. Hatch
April 14, 2009 “Information Clearing House

A recent article published in the respected peer-reviewed Open Chemical Physics Journal by nine noted scientists offers incontrovertible proof that the dust from the Twin Towers and Building Seven of the World Trade Center contains small intact samples of Thermite.

Thermite is a highly explosive agent consisting mostly of aluminum and iron oxide, and is used to cut steel in building controlled demolitions, and is also used in welding and in military applications.

Using optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy, and differential scanning calorimetry, the scientists were able to determine that the Thermite present is of a specialized type called Nano-thermite or Superthermite. It burns hotter and has a lower ignition temperature than normal Thermite, and is produced at laboratories such as Lawrence Livermore, incidentally thought to be the same lab that produced the anthrax sent out shortly after 9/11.

Nano-thermite could not be accidentally present in dust samples collected at four different sites, nor could it be the result of clean-up operations at ground zero, as one of the samples was retrieved a mere ten minutes or so after the collapse of the second tower. All samples show the same consistency.

This would explain the streams of molten steel (not aluminum) falling from one of the towers, and the fact that steel remained molten in the rubble for more than a month after the event. There is no scientific explanation for this other than the use of Thermite, which can achieve temperatures of 3500 C, while under ideal conditions jet fuel can achieve just approximately 285 C. It would also explain the otherwise physically impossible near freefall speed of the three buildings, and how they were able to fall so homogeneously.

So what does it mean? It means that there is proof (which so far no one has attempted to refute) that the WTC buildings (and more than three thousand lives, counting the ongoing deaths of first responders and ordinary NYC citizens caused by the dust) were brought down by controlled demolition in a planned and purposeful manner by elements of the Bush Administration, most likely as a ‘catalyzing event’ , the new Pearl Harbor’ fondly mentioned by neo-con PNAC (Plan for the New American Century) and designed to galvanize American citizens in support of attacking other nations and restricting human rights at home. ‘Full Specter Domination’.

This was the excuse or invading Afghanistan and Iraq (there were plans for Syria and Iran as well, and perhaps others), for justifying domestic spying, disappearances, torture, and murder. Murder based on lies and deception, and the killing of American citizens.

Knowing, as he must by now, that 9/11 was conceived and executed not from some dark cave in Afghanistan, but much more likely from some deep bunker in dank Cheneystan, will President Obama still insist on ‘looking ahead’? Just how deep is America’s reserve of dismissal and denial?

I feel for all the victims of 9/11, past, present and future, but was especially haunted by those poor souls who chose to jump to their deaths, or who fell. Surely the people who did this need to be brought to justice. Otherwise America is not ‘looking ahead’. She has her eyes shut tight while she babbles inanities.

John S. Hatch is a Vancouver writer and film-maker.

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  4. Certainly sounds like evidence to me…
    Certainly Thermite is the best way to achieve the result.

    Not sure I can buy the idea that Botch schemed this, Cheney possibly. But in the end the neocons bit the dust over this war, so if it was a grand government conspiracy to launch a Reichstag fire false-flag excuse, it backfired bigtime (excepting the war-profiteers).

    None of it was worth the death of the republican party, all the more reason to look twice at supposed vast shadow government conspiracies.

    (Or maybe the real conspirators were the NWO, who set up the PNAC as pawns, so we’d bankrupt the country on wars, and then they could loot wall street and the treasury, and lock up all us proles in FEMA camps?)

    The man who had complete control over the property, and who’s making out like a bandit (now has Port Authority paying him hundreds of millions for nothing) is this guy:

    Since you don’t need warrants any more, and there’s enough brilliant hackers in the Truth movement, the logical thing, IMO, is to investigate this guy, monitor his every call, every email. He’s just a citizen, lives in town, shouldn’t be hard. But he is a wallstreeter, and as we know from Madoff, wallstreeters can keep secrets for decades while the money flows.

    See who his connections are, tail him, track his every contact and move.

    The only way this apparent demolition could stay secret for so long, imo, is if it was: Plausible deniability (all you’d need is a Scott McClellan-type to blow the whistle, and the whole republican party woulda imploded then and there, instead they made sure he was left with scraps).

    The neocons were gonna invade iraq anyway, even if they were tipped off to this. The hijackers probably happened, it was probably known, so good opportunity to wire the buildings for demo, and cook up a few more planes if needed to lock in the false-flag part.

    But as far as the buildings actually completely collapsing? I wonder if Botch wasn’t as surprised as everyone else… He’d be the last one anyone would trust with the details of this.

    John Le carre story for real.

    911 was a crime (not an act of war), crimes have motives, usually financial. Follow the money.

  5. I remember on Sept. 12th the news media reporting it may be 5 years before we know the truth about what happened on Sept. 11, 2001. I was outraged that they were already predicting how long it would take for the truth to come out and it was five years away. Seemed far too, long to go without the truth coming out. Now we are coming up on the 8th year and we still never had a full independent investigation into this horrific event.
    Themite has been mentioned since the 2002. When are we going to demand that 911 be thoroughly investigated?

    In the early days after 911 when they were still interviewing people on the street one news outlet interviewed this old woman who was probably in her 70’s. She looked dead into the camera and said ” If you don’t know that our government did this you are crazy!” quick pan away.

    It is insanity that the truth has not come out and those responsible have not been held accountable. We live in a very schizophrenic culture where denial has become a national pass time.

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  7. There are a range of companies who have issued patents for sol gel and/or nano thermites. Battelle Memorial Institute is one. Here’s some more, the partial list mainly comes from a research paper by former UL scientist, Kevin Ryan:

    Science Applications International (SAIC)

    Battelle Memorial Institute
    Serial No.: 371541
    Series Code: 11
    Filed: March 8, 2006
    U.S. Current Class: 89/1.14; 102/293; 102/332
    U.S. Class at Publication: 089/001.14; 102/293; 102/332
    Intern’l Class: F42B 15/34 20060101 F42B015/34; F41F 5/00 20060101 F41F005/00
    [0006] This thermite-based method will allow operators to penetrate a material in timeframes similar to explosive shape charges without the safety concerns and security risks associated with explosives. In addition, the sustained duration of a thermite jet will more effectively handle discontinuities and interfaces that normally disrupt and dissipate explosively driven shape charge jets. When a linear shaped charge is used for cutting steel on a steel bridge demolition project, a large degree of preparation work must be undertaken to ensure a successful cut or penetration. A “preconditioning” process involves removing overlapped plates and areas of reinforcement with a conventional cutting torch. This process is time consuming, expensive, and dangerous. Conversely, the sustained jet of a thermite charge offers improved performance over multi-plate materials with limited or substantially no preconditioning. The thermite charge’s sustained jet also affords a greater assurance in cutting plates of varying thickness, layered plate configurations, and any supporting or reinforcing members that may exist in the middle or on the backside of a material. While the projected thermite charge particle stream is a slower reaction than that of an explosively driven jet, it is very fast from the perspective of the operator. The anticipated timing for material penetration is typically on the order of hundreds of milliseconds.

    Michael Zachariah, foremost expert, nano-thermites

    Hratch Semerjian, Current NIST acting director, co-authored 10 papers with Zachariah

    Andrzej Miziolek,
    another of the world’s leading experts on nano-thermites (Amptiac 2002), is the author of “Defense Applications of Nanomaterials”, and also worked on Richard Gann’s fire suppression project (Gann 2002). Gann’s project was sponsored by DOD’s Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP), an organization that sponsored a number of LLNL’s nano-thermite projects (Simpson 2002, Gash et al 2003).

    Jan Puszynski
    scientist working for the DURINT program, helped NSWC-IH design a pilot plant to produce nano-size aluminum powder.

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