GITMO Detainee Calls Al Jazeera From Inside Prison! + ‘Toxic waste’ behind Somali piracy

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April 14, 2009 MSNBC Rachel Maddow

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‘Toxic waste’ behind Somali piracy

By Najad Abdullahi
April 15, 2009 “Al Jazeera”

Somali pirates have accused European firms of dumping toxic waste off the Somali coast and are demanding an $8m ransom for the return of a Ukranian ship they captured, saying the money will go towards cleaning up the waste.

The ransom demand is a means of “reacting to the toxic waste that has been continually dumped on the shores of our country for nearly 20 years”, Januna Ali Jama, a spokesman for the pirates, based in the semi-autonomous region of Puntland, said.


via Information Clearing House – ICH.


Guantanamo detainee claims abuse

Al Jazeera English
April 15, 2009

An inmate in the US prison facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has told Al Jazeera that he has been beaten while in custody and had tear gas used on him after refusing to leave his cell.

Mohammad al-Qurani, a Chadian national, said in a phone call to Al Jazeera that the alleged ill-treatment “started about 20 days” before Barack Obama became US president and “since then I’ve been subjected to it almost every day”.

“Since Obama took charge he has not shown us that anything will change,” he said.


via Al Jazeera English – Americas – Guantanamo detainee claims abuse.

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  2. Why is there no background on why the “pirates” are attacking ships. What about the Europeans dumping nuclear waste offf the coast Somalia? It washing ashore and causing radiation poisoning and birth defects, et cetera. ?Why is it not pointed out that foreign ships has started fishing in Somalian waters and exporting all the fish and leaving Somalian fisherman with nothing to fish for?

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