Salbuchi: Obama: Things Are Not Always What They Seem

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Many things in this world are not what they seem.. Obama is one of them.
He is as unlikely an American president as can be imagined.
Why did the powers that be, allow him to come this far?
What is his special mission?

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Pt 2

Just as the “Globalization” of the nineties needed for the USSR to go, so now “World Government” needs for the USA to go…
Is Barack Hussein Obama destined to become the last president of the United States?

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5 thoughts on “Salbuchi: Obama: Things Are Not Always What They Seem

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  2. Gaaah…!

    Obama Deception was at least entertaining, and had the cool doom-ridden narrator. This just repeats the whole list of acronyms: TLC, NWO, CFR… of course they’re all a party to these clubs, they’re politicians!

    This NWO conspiracy is an ultra-rightist sci-fi fantasy. Not entirely unfounded, but be not fooled, especially when the likes of Glen Beck start talking about FEMA camps.

    Of course it’s a conspiracy, as were the oil-men, the MIC, and the neocons. And the robber-barons, and Boss Tweed. Corruption and money-mongering is standard in government.

    Yes Bilderberg is annoyingly opaque, and very suspicious, but too many differing points of view and too little time to make a ‘one world government’ in three daze.

    But so are country-clubs and golf courses, equally exclusive, and if Madoff can cut 60bn of bogus deals at Miami cocktail parties, of course these fat-cats are gonna try. But succeed? Globally?? That’s giving them a wee too much credit.

    If the ‘bilderbergers’ supposedly ‘picked’ Edwards, how come Kerry/Edwards didn’t win? Apparently not as powerful as the daft, trailer-dwelling, conspiracy-crazy gun-nuts give them credit.

    Can we please give the ‘NWO’ a rest and get back to Zinn and progress? Obama did win an election, he wasn’t chosen, he’s hired really bad advisors, undoubtedly advised to do so. As per Zinn, it’s our responsibility to be certain he refutes bad advice, and returns to his progressive roots.

    Remember: He was Rev, Wright’s disciple. Black nationalist anti-US-empire are about as out of style, and anti ‘NWO’ of any stripe (so now the bankster implosion was intentionally to get the USA ‘out of the way? More like the people of the USA were too stupid to pursue progressive policies, and band-wagoned behind Raygun’s evangelical era of greed is god…).

    Just because America failed, doesn’t mean the ‘NWO’ needed to get it out of the way. Ultra-right-wing Americans are just upset because their global preeminence is under threat. They were so used to being on top, now all they have are their guns and their bombs, and unless they nuke the planet (which entails nuking themselves), they’re clearer than ever that the full force of their whole hideous military can’t subjugate a nation the size of Texas.

    How humiliating for the brain-dead right wing, that every element of the militarism they so believed in failed, of course they invent external reasons why, because brain-dead ultra-right-wingers are incapable of adjusting, incapable of admitting wrong, they are chosen by god to rule the world, so if they fail, it must be because of the ‘Bilderbergers’.

    The self-styled ‘real americons’, the gun-fanatic, hyper-patriotic, anti-intellectual, believer-cult of the ultra-right will always blame the failure of america on others, probably because they can’t imagine their ill-gotten gains are gone by some other hand than their red-state, anti-progressive, trickle-down dimwit selves.

    Blame the ‘Tea Partiers’ and FOX noise for the anti-progressive mood that destroyed a sure thing. We could have been anything we wanted to be, empires used to last for millennia.

    We, the people, in following Raygun and the ‘culture wars’, and Botch, and the televangelist shysters, and the cult of selfishness, chose to destroy our unprecedented opportunity, built of slaves, at the expense of the natives, the most fertile, virgin continent left on earth, and we destroyed it in a few generations because of our bad politics and bad principles, and bad religion. We had ideological alternatives, brilliant ones, and chose instead to cut them off and pursue this path of casino-capitalist greed.

    It is the fault of the populace for being gambling-addicted speculators and blind-believer fanatics in born-again greed that destroyed the USA.

    Deal with it and stop blaming it on Bohemian grove, or whatever. Deal with the fact that you’re a buncha anti-progressive, blind-believers who can’t cope with the defeat of your insufferable, militaristic, sociopathetic capitalist arrogance.

    This insanity about the ‘NWO’ will only foster the brain-dead, gun-obsessed militia-movement, and unfortunately we can’t ship the whole daft mullet-headed lot of ’em off to Texas before it secedes and implodes.

    Resist the mania of the selfish and the ultra-right, and work for peace, progress, and democracy. It’s the people’s choice, not the ‘NWO’.

    Study Zinn, not Jones. Zinn saw the far worst of times, grew up in the depression, bombed and napalmed civilians in ww2, and answered for it with a lifetime of progressive activism for peace, justice and social progress.

    The PEOPLE own their destiny, not the friggin NWO.

    If they lose their populist mandate because of the guaranteed international gang of finance-capitalists (born of exactly the policies the deregulationist people themselves promoted for 40 years, hullo?), it’s their fault.

    But it’s entirely against the nature of finance capital to band together into a global cabal in the first place, and to enslave the populace in FEMA camps, destroying the manufacturing base, without which there’s no capital to finance.

    Somebody is watching too many scary YouTube’s. Somebody needs to watch more Howard Zinn, while he’s still speaking.

  3. Great Prince of Egypt, release “your” children from the bonds of invisable chains{Laws/codes/regulations/Taxation}.
    Moses did it. without spilling his brother’s[Pharaoh’s] blood.
    Are You, the “Great” Prince, or the Lacky boy?

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