The criminalisation of political dissent in Britain + G20 Death was NO “Heart Attack”

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by Julie Hyland
18 April 2009

“From foul deeds endless tragedy arises,” the World Socialist Web Site wrote, commenting on the state execution of innocent Brazilian worker, Jean Charles de Menezes, by plainclothes policemen on a London subway train on July 22, 2005.

Events have tragically confirmed that warning. In the years since Menezes’ killing, for which no one has ever been held to account, the legal framework of a police state has been enacted in Britain.

The implications of this have been made clear over the last weeks.

Since the start of April, some 300 people have been arrested and detained in just three police operations. The vast majority of these were rounded up in two of these operations, both focusing on a supposed threat to “public order”.


via The criminalisation of political dissent in Britain


G20 Death was NO “Heart Attack”: Manslaughter charges to follow!


A second autopsy on Ian Tomlinson reveals he died of Internal Bleeding NOT a Heart Attack as was broadcast before. The officer who struck Tomlinson has now been questoned under caution and Manslaughter charges may be layed.

An initial postmortem, by the Home Office pathologist Freddy Patel, found that Tomlinson died after suffering a heart attack. But Nat Cary, the pathologist who carried out a second postmortem at the request of the I.P.C.C. and Tomlinsons family, concluded that while there was evidence Tomlinson suffered hardening of the arteries in his heart, it was not serious enough to kill him.

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Man dies during G20 protests in London (video link; updated again)

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