Rabbi Ahron Cohen: Judaism and Zionism + Neturei Karta UK speech (2008)

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22 April, 2009

1) VIDEO: Rabi Ahron Cohen Lectures at the University of London (9 February 2009)
2) Neturei Karta UK speech delivered at the “Emergency Protest to Stop the Massacre in Gaza” (27 December 2008)


Rabbi Ahron Cohen Lectures at the University of London


A part of a lecture at the SOAS, University of London, on February 9, 2009, given by Rabbi Ahron Cohen, spokesman for Neturei Karta UK, Jews United Against Zionism, against the recent Zionist atrocities in Gaza.



Neturei Karta UK speech delivered at the “Emergency Protest to Stop the Massacre in Gaza” on 27 December 2008

The following speech Was delivered by Anti Zionist Orthodox Jews at the “Emergency Protest to Stop the Massacre in Gaza” rally, Rockefeller Center, New York City, December 27, 2008, 2.00 PM and again at a Protest in London on December 28, 2008

(This speech was originally delivered in Durban, South Africa by Rabbi Y D Weiss)

May our words be pleasing to the Creator and cause His Great Name to be sanctified.

Assalaam Aleikhum:

The world stands aghast as the atrocities being committed by the Zionist regime in Gaza, becomes known in ever greater and shocking detail.

Mere words are insufficient to express the pain that all mankind feels at the plight of the Gaza and Palestinian people.

For over one hundred years, they have been subject to a carefully conceived plan, to drive them from their homes and their land.

Throughout their history, the Zionists have resorted to intimidation, war, ethnic cleansing and state-sponsored terrorism to achieve their goals.

This is, has been and continues to be, the criminal agenda of the Zionist movement. But among this movement’s greatest crimes, is that it has claimed to carry out these nefarious actions in the name of holiness, in the name of the Almighty, in the name of Judaism and the Jewish people !!

This is a wicked and monstrous lie !!

It is a desecration of our religion !!

Judaism forbids and rejects Zionism and the existence of the State of “Israel”. We have been expressly commanded by the Almighty that we are forbidden to have our own sovereignty in this heavenly decreed exile, we are also forbidden to rebel against any nation. Torah believing Jews, under the leadership of the most esteemed rabbis of the 20th century have always opposed and fought against Zionism and ultimately the State of “Israel”.

Unfortunately in recent years the Zionists have succeed in seducing and co-opting members of the religious community and some rabbis into support of not allowing the return of the rightful owners, the Palestinian people, to their land, by fear mongering, by appealing to their worst fears, that there is a religious conflict and that the Arabs always have had an ingrained hate for the Jews. Especially, they claim, that because of the many years of the existence of the State of “Israel”, if the Palestinians where to return to their land, they would massacre the Jews, may the Almighty protect us.

Anyone familiar with the ploys and techniques of the Zionist State is aware of this fact.

Before the advent of Zionism, Muslims and Christian, Arabs and Jews, lived peacefully together in the Holy Land, as in all the Muslim lands, – Ask your grandparents! – They remember those peaceful days! And in fact it is here the opportune time to thank all the Muslim countries for their extraordinary friendship, hospitality and safe haven that they have provided to the Jewish people throughout the ages!

The Zionists rely on the Bible, the Torah, for their imaginary right to ethnically cleanse the Palestinian people and to subjugate them. This is a pathetic joke! The Zionists have always been heretics and rejected all the fundamental tenets of our faith, and yet they have the nerve, the arrogance, the audacity, the chutzpa, to pretend to base their behavior on our holy Torah.

We know what our holy writings and our great rabbis have taught us – that we are forbidden to subjugate or oppress anyone or to desecrate the holiness of the Holy Land with paths of violence, ethnic cleansing, discrimination and military power. Our religion teaches justice. It teaches peace. It teaches compassion. In fact, the greatest and ultimate hope and prayer of the Jewish people is, that when the Messiah comes that then “Nation shall no longer lift up sword against nation, and they will make war no more.” All nations will serve God together in peace.

To the governments of the world, it is not through your support of the Zionist regime – the State of “Israel”, that the Jewish people are being helped! On the contrary, this tragic historical mistake has led to the killing of Arabs and Jews alike. The governments of the great powers, by supporting the State of “Israel” are not only harming the Palestinian people but they are also unwittingly contributing to the growth of hostility towards Jews worldwide!

To our Jewish brethren, we beg! Do not be intimidated by ruthless Zionist bullying and violence!! – Proclaim loudly and clearly your outrage, pain and sympathy for the people of Gaza and that those who show contempt for the Torah, the teachings of our rabbis, and disregard the ethical and moral basics of our faith, have no right to speak on behalf of the Jewish People or Judaism!

We must tell the world that self rule, sovereignty and ALL the rights of the Palestinian people, must be restored throughout historic Palestine! This is a requirement of Jewish ethics and values! Jewish justice demands the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homes, towns, villages and cities throughout Palestine! Tell the world, loudly and clearly, that you support Palestinian statehood over the ENTIRE Holy Land — not despite your Jewish identity, but because of it.

To our Islamic brethren – let us speak up for the people of Gaza and please do not judge the Jewish faith or its people, on the basis of this passing lunacy of Zionism. The Jews have always been your friends and cousins. Do not allow your understandable anger to be directed at those who are innocent of wrongdoing, regardless of whether they reside in Occupied Palestine, Europe, or anywhere around the globe.

Together, people of all nations, may we be worthy, with God’s help, speedily and peacefully, without further suffering and bloodshed of anyone, be it Arab or Jew, to witness the peaceful end of the Zionist occupation over every inch of Palestine.

And may we yet merit to see, in the very near future, the revelation of the One God, over the entire world, with all mankind in His servitude, in joyous brotherhood.


Let’s Proclaim Together:


Neturei Karta UK
Homepage: http://www.nkusa.org/activities/Demonstrations/20090419-Cohen.cfm


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4 thoughts on “Rabbi Ahron Cohen: Judaism and Zionism + Neturei Karta UK speech (2008)

  1. This Rabbi is one who truly speaks for the soul and heart of Judaism. Naturally, he’s hated by those whose repugnant, despicable and racist ideology he speaks of and exposes to the whole world to see. That man had the genuine faith, conscience, conviction and courage of character to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, regardless of how ugly it is, about the greatest and ugliest scam and injustice perpetrated, in modern history, in Palestine against Palestinians. He felt that he owed it to his conscience that couldn’t bear having his faith being tarnished by the atrocious acts committed in the name of Judaism against people whose only fault was that they existed and lived in Palestine long before any of those, who came from mostly Europe, arrived in Palestine. Palestinians were just unlucky to have been in the way, and they just had to be removed out of the way, one way or another. True Judaism, as passionately explained by this noble rabbi, was obviously highjacked, used, abused and exploited, against what it truly stands for, by a bunch of putrid, criminal thugs who care nothing about true Judaism, much less about the lives of the defenceless poor souls who lived there and whose lives and rights meant and mean nothings to those sociopaths, like Netanyahu and Lieberman. These guys shame the name of the faith they carry, for what they have done and keep doing can only be condoned by demented gangs and criminals. Truth can’t be masked and covered forever, and the day will come when this murderous, psychotic charade they were able to carry out will be exposed for what it is, but how much more blood, pain and tears will have to be spilled and shed on both sides before oppressors are stopped and justice prevails.
    I salute this man of conscience and all kindness and humanity he stands for.

  2. Unfortunately, voices like these get far too little attention, and are often denounced as “self-hating Jews” when they do.

    The terms “Zionism” and “Jew” have been linked in society, so that criticism of Zionism (ethnically-based nationalism) are automatically labeled as “racist,” and, therefore, discarded without debate.

    • Yes, unfortunately this position doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

      How anyone could label this rabbi as a “self-hating Jew” is beyond me, but yes, oftentimes that is what happens.

      In my personal opinion, the govt and military of the state of Israel has done more to increase anti-Semitism worldwide. The more atrocities committed the less safe I feel.

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