Countdown: How America Became A Torture Nation

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April 22, 2009 MSNBC Keith Olbermann

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Pt 2

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Revealing the Secrets in Room 101 By Scott Horton

Pepe Escobar: American torture

Obama, American Ideals, and Torture as ‘a useful tool’ by Jeremy R. Hammond

Countdown: Torture – Who to prosecute + Maddow: Philip Zelikow

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  5. So the plot is thickening by the day and things seem to have taken a turn to a whole new ballgame here, a more interesting and much more damning for that matter. We are talking now about falsifying and fabricating evidence, any evidence or confession they can extricate or come up with, as seems to be the case here, to present to the American people as a desperate justification for their unjustifiable, by any stretch of imagination, and illegal invasion of Iraq. We are talking here about outright, intentional lying to the American people, and the lying was needed urgently and demanded to be produced, one way or another, true or false, fabricated if needed, as long as they provide the unholy trio of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld with some meat to chew on, a lie to throw to the American people, that would link Saddam with Al Qaida in anyway possible. If that intent and illegal actions that ensued, to provide the Bush gang with their needed lies, don’t constitute a premeditated criminal act of the highest order, I don’t know what does. Looking at the horrific price that was paid by the 4500 American servicemen who lost their lives in Iraq so far, over 30,000 injured, maimed and crippled, hundreds of billions of American taxpayers money wasted, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed and injured, and millions displaced, all for a pack of lies, falsehoods and fabrications that were conjured up to satisfy some sick, demented and delusional fantasy of Bush and his evil cronies. The stuff sounds too fantastic even for a B-movie, but it’s true, it happened, and we are now beyond the stage of if and maybe – we are at the why, how and who stage. Why do I get the feeling that as more events unfold, and more facts and information are discovered and exposed, the worse the picture is going to get. America is at a defining moment of its history where its moral and ethical standing and its credibility as a nation are at stake. Heinous crimes of different sorts, including war crimes of the highest order were perpetrated at the highest office in the land, and for America to recover from this historical disaster it must do what’s right; it must apply the law that no one is supposed to be above, not even the President of the United States.

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