Gerald Celente: Commercial Real Estate is Next to Go!

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April 21, 2009

Alex also talks with Gerald Celente, trend forecaster, author, and CEO of The Trends Research Institute. Celente predicts economic depression, tax rebellions, and food riots.

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3 thoughts on “Gerald Celente: Commercial Real Estate is Next to Go!

  1. Gerald Celente has a God given ability to explain what is going on, and he is able to do this in a way that most people can understand.

    He doesn’t use words that confuse people like so many lawyers do. His anger is righteous indignation. And, when I give a compliment to someone it is true and sincere.

    As for Obama, he isn’t evil. But, he is a puppet. As has been most every one of our Presidents.

    Gerald Celente needs to address and have the courage to do so…the malicious and maniacal behavior of the miltary industrial complex. They planned having a police state oh so long ago. The black ops had the ability to place implants and chips in people thus creating their ability to mind control people easier. And, they have indeed done this to almost every person on this planet. And, Gerald Celente knows this information!

    The demise of the black ops is already happening and they ain’t liking this. Oh, too bad…it is time they get a taste of their own evil medicine.

    Thank you Gerald Celente for explaining the abhorrent happenings in our country, and for explaining it in a manner that most people can understand!

    Karen Romero

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