The Daily Show: A Brief History of Torture + We Don’t Torture

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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
April 23, 2009


The Daily Show: We Don’t Torture

The Daily Show
April 20, 2009

No one is upset about the fact that America tortures, they’re just upset that they now know about it.–don-t–torture


Countdown: Waterboarding Is Torture + Olbermann Offers $1000 A SECOND To Hannity’s Waterboarding Charity Event

Attorney General Holder Says He Will “Follow The Law” And Investigate Torture + A Quarter Million Americans Demand Torture Prosecutions

Senior Bush figures could be prosecuted for torture, says Obama + Prosecution possible for those who OK’d torture

Ten Terrible Truths About The CIA Torture Memos, Part 1 by Andy Worthington

Ten Terrible Truths About The CIA Torture Memos (Part Two) by Andy Worthington