Climate Denial Crock of the Week – The “Temp leads Carbon” Crock

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US to abandon Israel over Iran?

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Global Research, April 25, 2009
Press TV

As Israeli threats of war against Iran encounter stiff opposition in the US, the new administration mulls over imposing sanctions on Tel Aviv.

US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are mulling over a plan to impose sanctions against Israel if the right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu implements its long-sought policy of countering Iran’s nuclear activities by taking military action against the country.

According to a report by RIA Novosti, the Obama White House is on a collision course with longstanding Israeli plans to launch a military strike on Iranian nuclear infrastructure.

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Clinton: Negotiations with the Palestinian Authority would strengthen Israel’s ability to deal with Iran

Updated: April 26, 2009 added numbers 3 and 4
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compiled by Cem Ertür
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25 April, 2009

1) Remarks by President Obama at the Holocaust Days of Remembrance Ceremony (23 April 2009)
2) Remarks by Secretary of State Clinton Before House Appropriations Subcommittee (23 April 2009)
3) EU president: Europe blind to scale of Iran threat (25 April 2009)
4) Israeli Deputy Defence Minister: War can erupt any day, and Israelis need to know this (23 April 2009)
__________________ -the-Holocaust-Days-of-Remembrance-Ceremony/

excerpt from:

Remarks by the President at the Holocaust Days of Remembrance Ceremony

The White House web site, 23 April 2009

How do we ensure that “never again” isn’t an empty slogan, or merely an aspiration, but also a call to action?

[US President Barack Obama, Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony at the United States Capitol, Washington D.C. , 23 April 2009]


excerpts from:

Opening Remarks Before House Appropriations Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs

by Hillary Rodham Clinton, US Foreign Minister Continue reading

The Housing Crash: The Data Confirms a Downward Momentum by Mike Whitney

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by Mike Whitney
Global Research, April 24, 2009

The media is misleading the public

Why is the press misleading the public about housing? The housing market is crashing. There are no “green shoots” or “glimmers of hope”; the market is worn to a stump, it’s kaput. Still, whenever new housing figures are released, they’re crunched and tweaked and spin-dried until they tell a totally different story; a hopeful story about an elusive “light in the tunnel”. But there is no light in the tunnel; it’s dark as pitch as far as the eye can see. There’s no sign of a turnaround or a “bottom” in housing at all; not yet, at least. The real estate market is freefalling and it looks like it’s got a long way to go. So why are the media still peddling the same “rose-colored” claptrap that put the country in this pickle to begin with? Here’s an example of media spin which appeared in Bloomberg News on Wednesday:

“US home prices rose 0.7 percent in February from the month before, the Federal Housing Finance Agency said in Washington today, a sign that low interest rates may be moderating declines in real estate values….Housing market data indicates prices are starting to “stabilize,” and households’ available cash should improve through each quarter of 2009 and into 2010.” (Bloomberg)

This report is complete gibberish. The only way to get a fix on what’s really happening with housing is to compare prices year over year (yoy) not month to month. Clearly, the journalist decided to spin the story from this angle because it offered the one flimsy sign of hope in a sector that’s been reduced to rubble. But, don’t be fooled, housing isn’t staging a comeback. Not by a long shot.

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