Michael Hudson: The Financial Barbarians at the Gate (must-listen)

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Bonnie Faulkner
Guns and Butter
April 15, 2009

Guns & Butter Interviews financial economist and historian, Dr. Michael Hudson.

“The Financial Barbarians at the Gate” with financial economist and historian, Dr. Michael Hudson. Europe; worsening financial situation and indebtedness; the history of banking and the criminalization of the banking system; tax policy; real estate asset inflation; US imperialism via the monetary system; neoliberal/neofeudal economics; classical political economy; finance capital breaking away from industrial capital; the financial crisis leading to a political crisis; similarities with the Roman Republic; what measures labor should take.



Financial Crisis: Sustaining Unsustainability by Prof. Michael Hudson

Obama’s New World Order – Michael Hudson’s analysis of the financial crisis by Stephen Lendman

Michael Hudson and John Perkins Interviews on Iceland (must-see)

The Financial War Against Iceland by Prof Michael Hudson

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  8. from your link:

    Here is a rather lucky hapupon RB:

    “Hudson misrepresents Marx’s theory regarding the

    falling rate of profit. It is in fact based on his

    labour theory of value. It argues that fresh labour

    — not the congealed labour represented by the

    capital equipment and raw material on which it

    works — is the sole intrinsic source of profit in

    any productive process, and that the capital and

    raw material used in the productive process in

    themselves yield no profit at all, but merely

    replace their costs. Thus, the increasing

    productivity of labour, i.e. the reduced proportion

    of fresh labour used relative to the increased

    proportion of capital and raw material worked on,

    necessarily leads to a fall in the general rate of

    profit, even though individual capitalists increase

    their short-term rates of profit every time they

    increase their level of technological development

    relative to their competitors.”

    the brillance of rowan’s remark is reduced

    considerably by its misplacedness. In his urge to

    hit all the major hitters on symbolshuffleland he

    quite often dispenses with ‘on topicality’.

    This is no complaint but ….. oh .. alrite …. i

    will just critique the first part of a sound but

    runon sentence (nobody has time or if so will show

    appreciation any lifetime soon for that, i found

    out the hard way):

    “Thus, the increasing productivity of labour, i.e.

    the reduced proportion of fresh labour used

    relative to the increased proportion of capital


    first of all this is an inversion of the argHument

    Hudson Has a Habit of Harping on (land should be

    taxed not labour) and second: the whole outlook

    this pilf is leakage from is the runaway

    demographic that says ‘Lessee what will still

    breed in captivity’. Harnessage, duh dark side of a

    good age. Stupid design (let alone use) of


    No proliferation factor can match that of 1 rock :

    multitudustree .. .dat why I say study these and

    all will be well:
    Ulrich von Beckerath
    Andrew Lehman

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