SAS and other UK special forces to be expanded to defeat al-Qaeda

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26 April, 2009 S-and-other-special-forces-to-be-expanded-to-defeat-al-Qaeda.html

excerpts from: SAS and other special forces to be expanded to defeat al-Qaeda

The SAS is to be increased in size under a radical new Government strategy to help win the war against Islamic extremism.

by Sean Rayment, Daily Telegraph, 25 April 2009

John Hutton, the Defence Secretary, will announce in a speech [at the Institute of Public Policy Research during a counter-terrorism conference] on Monday that Britain’s armed forces need to undergo “deep and wide-ranging” changes if the war against groups like al-Qaeda is to be won. […]Sources close to the defence secretary said that Mr Hutton believes that the Special Forces are one of the military’s best battle winning assets and should be given “whatever they need in terms of personnel and finance” to defeat al-Qaeda both at home and abroad. In the speech Mr Hutton will say:

“In Afghanistan we are witnessing new threats that tear up the rule book of traditional conflict. 9/11 and 7/7 are proof that traditional deterrents do not work against violent Islamist extremism. Sixty years of game theory doctrine are confined to the history books by those who use despicable methods to attack our values and way of life. The female suicide bomber. The boy tricked into killing himself and British soldiers by pushing a wheelbarrow of explosives.” […]

“Greater investment in types of battle winning capabilities like our special forces that get deep behind enemy lines to disrupt networks of terror that threaten our national security. UK special forces are among the best in the world. Capable, effective, respected and contributing massively to the defeat of al-Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

4 thoughts on “SAS and other UK special forces to be expanded to defeat al-Qaeda

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  4. Al CIA-duh again. How many times are we going to be told this fairy story about a group that exists only as a CIA database?

    It’s one thing that people like Hutton should continue to perpetuate such scare stories in order to justify the encroaching totalitarian character of their regimes. But what concerns me is that few, if any, on ‘our side’ ever bother to question the Big Lie about Al Qaeda which, together with the official conspiracy story about 911, lie at the heart of their totalitarian program.

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