Ed Show: Bernie Sanders on the Need for Single Payer Health Care System

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Can we clone this man?  The Senate could more voices such as Sanders.  ~ DS


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7 thoughts on “Ed Show: Bernie Sanders on the Need for Single Payer Health Care System

  1. Yes, we can “clone this guy”—progressives should stop backing the Democratic Party and back a new Socialist Democrat Party.

    The Dems have all the power–dont let them kid you.

    Se. Baucus received $500,000 from the ‘health insurance indsutry”, just this year. Many others received smaller amounts.

    This is Capitalism, so , the fact that it is all about money is no surprise. What Baucuss is proposing will make things worse.


  2. Somehow it would seem that the amerigoon way is to give it all to the insurance cos…. one way or another. You’d need a new party headed by the likes of Bernie and Dennis Kucinich (and they’re getting old, no replacements in sight).

    I like Ed. Hope he gets the ratings to stay onair. We need more passionate advocates for the people to counteract the rabid toxic vituperations of the limbasts.

    (Why is this all so complicated? It’s not like we have to invent this… I’m tired of putting pressure on ‘congress’, the Democrats are definitely ‘in the pocket of… what’re you gonna do’).

    ‘A fighter for people’, ‘It can be done’. Single Payer is achievable, indeed it’s a start. Congress has it, the people, however, don’t know any better, they just want their guns.

    Once again, the problem with Amerigaah is not the politicians, it’s the populace itself.

    To have socialized anything, you’d need a society.

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