Michael Ratner: If Obama won’t prosecute, Spain will + Allegations include ‘sexual abuse’ and ‘beating’

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Michael Ratner: Obama has a duty to prosecute while a Spanish judge moves ahead on his own.


Spanish Court Opens Investigation of Guantánamo Torture Allegations

Allegations include ‘sexual abuse’ and ‘beating’

By Giles Tremlett in Madrid and agencies
April 29, 2009 “The Guardian”

A court in Spain has today opened an investigation into torture allegations against US military personnel at the Guantánamo detention centre.

Meanwhile in Berlin, Barack Obama’s attorney general Eric Holder said that about 30 Guantánamo detainees have been cleared for release and urged European allies to take some of them. Holder also signalled the Obama administration might cooperate with the Spanish investigation.

Judge Baltasar Garzón, an investigating magistrate at the National Court in Madrid, said he would investigate allegations made by four detainees who were held at the centre and later released without charges, according to a court document quoted by the Spanish press.

The torture allegations include “sexual abuse”, “beating” and the throwing of fluids into prisoners’ eyes.


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