Pepe Escobar: What makes Barack run?

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What Makes Obama Run?
How does Obama’s image measure against his policies?

April 30 – US President Barack Obama “may be opening the door to hope,” says Pepe Escobar, Real News Analyst, but it may be possible that “Obama the man might be more exciting than his policies.” While recognizing that judging only 100 days of Obama’s presidency may be premature, Escobar points out that President Obama seems to have “little to no real, meaningful intellectual opposition” within the US government.

The only connection between President Obama’s playful image in the media and the conservative nature of his policies appear to be the eloquent rhetoric in which he delivers both. “The problem is Obama the man may be much more exciting then Obama’s policies,” Escobar says. “He’s still on the campaign trail. But a man of action will only match the man of vision—drenched in charisma, of course, especially to US workers, which are battered and internally divided at the moment—to the extent that he becomes Obama The Fixer.”

Escobar says that specific aspects of American policy supported under the Bush administration persist under President Obama, such as the blockade of Cuba and the United States’s reluctance to condemn Israel’s attacks against Gaza civilians.

“So there’s been no accountability, there’s been no catharsis for, in Obama’s own words, the mess we all face. Yes, after the baby emperor, the Obama shuffle is like Michael Jackson’s moonwalk. Obama rules over the news cycle, and he talks a great game. But the old order, the industrial-military complex, the financial institutions big pharma remains extremely powerful,” Escobar says.


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