Countdown: The Colbert Report and the Republican Looking Glass

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3 thoughts on “Countdown: The Colbert Report and the Republican Looking Glass

  1. Or on the other hand…it illustrates that the “Right Wing” is not the sharpest tool in the old shed…… fact if the right were a wing on an eagle…the Eagle would be pecking for corn with the chickens in the coop!

  2. The key is that the message is satire, which can be
    subtle and ambiguous. The fact that conservatives believe
    that Colbert is speaking for them shows how well Colbert
    does satire.

  3. Hmm..well, would I be too cruel to suggest, as a reason for all those conservatives who don’t seem to understand the so obvious, in Colber’s obvious intention, that..well…No, I don’t want to say that all those very conservative people are just not too bright – for that would just be too mean, and I’m not going to say it – there!!!

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