Dr Ron Paul: Swine Flu Just An Attempt For Government To Scare The People!

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May 02, 2009 CNN

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Ron Paul on the Recent Swine Flu Scare


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Political Lies and Media Disinformation regarding the Swine Flu Pandemic by Michel Chossudovsky

Swine Flu Scare: Stock Market Bonanza for “Politically Connected” BioTech Companies by Michel Chossudovsky

H1N1-Mexican Flu-Swine Flu

8 thoughts on “Dr Ron Paul: Swine Flu Just An Attempt For Government To Scare The People!

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  3. The Swine Flu Scare is a perfect red herring for the Banksters generally and the Stress Test Results in particular … the Outcry for a Terror Investigation … and the ongoing debacle in Afghanistan …

    Obama is working Bush’s Game now … Scare ’em early end often so that fear will cloak the real issues …

  4. When you listen to such bunk, you’d think that our government controls the whole wide world and makes it say and do what it pleases, which is absolute nonsense. The republicans are still under the spell of the arrogant fantasy that we are the center of the universe and the world evolves around us and works according to what we want, and that it obeys the directives of the US government blindly. Sorry to burst your bubble my friend, that’s not true, and the world has become much bigger than us, even if you’d like it to be that way. Let’s get two facts straight: first, it’s quite obvious that our obviously right-wing republican friend belongs with the same Limbaugh-influenced tiresome group whose repeated invocations of the term socialism radiates of the extreme right-wing republican ideology and rhetoric that the country grew tired of lately, but not the republican base, which if Obama sneezed, they’d say he’s starting to sneeze like a socialist or a communist – weak, bankrupt and boring. The second point: our friend seems to forget or ignore the fact that who runs the show here isn’t the US but the World Health Organization, the one located in Geneva, Switzerland, who is a department of the United Nations and not the Democratic Party. They didn’t pledge allegiance to Obama, and they are world-class doctors and scientists from all over the world who say what they say based on pure science, and not a political propaganda. And I very much doubt that the leaders of Europe and Asia are puppets in our hands to do all they did so far in terms of precautions and testing just so Obama can socialize medicine in the US. I know republicans are desperate these days but to resort to such lame nonsense is beyond pathetic. But then, after all we heard from them lately, I’m hardly surprised. I’m just curious what they’ll come up with next to try, childishly and sadly for them, to smear Obama.

    • Ron Paul has been hating on the Republicans for years for spending, calling it wreckless. Don’t paint him with the same brush as other Republicans who are just now discovering fiscal responsibility – he’s been more critical of them than the Democrats ever were.

  5. Maybe I have my tin foil hat on but I always thought this flu scare was designed to “distract” the populace as Obama’s junta slips more and more communist agenda through….

    Thats just me though…

    • No, it is not just you, Buffoon.

      Just think about what is NOT getting the major air play now.

      The swine flu is a little shiny object to sway the distracted attention of the complacent American public to something that doesn’t matter.

      • FEMA Camps, anyone?
        Homeland Security given a reason to mobilize all of it’s toys?

        Reason to use the Bush implemented rule that allows the President to override control over all States National Guard Units?

        Who knows.

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