Good Shepherd Sunday + Bob Dylan: Gotta Serve Somebody

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Updated: May 4, 2009 added “Message of the Day” excerpt

Note: Video retitled to “Allow Yourself to Be Human”.


Fr. Carr speaks about what it means to follow THE Good Shepherd.

Fr. Carr is the pastor at St. Benedict Parish in Somerville

and produces the 24 hour spanish language web channel Asambleasanbenito on Mogulus.

He also blogs at

Good Shepherd Sunday


replaced video April 10, 2013

Bob Dylan’s “Gotta Serve Somebody”

Steveaux · Sep 19, 2007


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on Apr 9, 2009

Gotta Serve Somebody – Word of Life Church Band w/ Phil Keaggy & Paul Clark


Message of the Day

– from “Daily Bread”

“I am the gate.”

There’s one sure way to salvation, and that is through Jesus
Christ, our shepherd. Though many seek shortcuts or alternate
routes, ultimately such paths are fruitless. We cannot sneak into
the sheepfold, nor can we follow imposters and strangers and expect
to find pasture. False promises and easy temptations abound, and at
times we may even think we can do this on our own. Certainly we
cannot. We need the guidance and protection of a true shepherd who
has our safety and best interests at heart. Despite society’s
emphasis on individualism and forging our own paths — in terms of
faith and salvation, with Jesus as shepherd, it’s best to follow
and to be sheep.

“That we may hear the shepherd’s voice, we pray.”

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  5. BuelahMan– says that these teachings have so little basis in reality …..

    ”what is truth ?”says a jesting Pilate , who would not stay to hear the answer.

    until BuelahMan can define reality , then he best be careful how he uses the word . to say that BuelahMan has a basis in reality begs the question of definition . he must define or retract.and he must be forewarned that when he defines it it wont be the religionist that will attack him but the philosophers . for any philosopher worth his salt will deconstruct that word ”reality” as soon as it leaves the mouth of a man .

    so …good luck pal .

      • You have yet to respond with a definition of the word “reality”. When you said, “on the basis of reality” using such a big word like reality must be defined, if not, then you must retract your statement. So the choice is clear: retract or define. Because if you don’t, the rest of your argument has no foundation.

  6. Sheep don’t “allow” a Shepherd to shepherd them. Why do Shepherds use a rod and staff, if they are “allowed”?

    How many sheep in the Bible walked off any cliffs? It was pigs that did that, AFTER being taken over by some sort of spirit.

    Sorry, but as far as I am concerned, these types of “teachings” have so little basis in reality or logic that it makes me feel very sorry for those that take it hook, line and sinker.

    How about the issue that Jesus left the 99 sheep to go get the one that went astray and would not come back until he retrieved it? That sheep didn’t “allow” anything, nor does any other sheep “allow” anything.



    People don’t “allow” Jesus to do anything (like “save them”). Otherwise, what is the parable of the lost sheep about?

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