May 1st around the world + May 1st parade in Reykjavik + France: Up to a million people

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Happy Labor Day, solidarity to all the workers of the world.  ~ DS



May 1st parade in Reykjavik Iceland – 2009


May 1st parade in Reykjavik —- and people are still angry in Iceland — One of the leaders of the unions in Iceland – got booed at during his speech.


France: Up to a million people on May Day protests

By Antoine Lerougetel
2 May 2009

Up to a million people took part yesterday in May Day demonstrations in towns and cities throughout France. This was the third mass mobilisation this year called by what has been dubbed by the press “the G8,” or France’s eight main trade union federations. The protests took place under conditions of deepening social tensions, as the recession turns into a slump.

The largest French trade union, the CGT (General Confederation of Labour, close to the Communist Party), reported 283 unified demonstrations in France “to demand economic and social change, faced with the crisis.”

The police reported 450,000 demonstrators, as against their estimate of 1.2 million at the last day of action March 19. The CGT figures this time were half their estimate for participation at the March 19 demonstration, which was 2.4 million.


via France: Up to a million people on May Day protests.


Workers march in May Day demonstrations around the world

By our reporters
2 May 2009

Millions of workers marched in May Day demonstrations around the world Friday, celebrating international proletarian solidarity.

In Greece, 6,000 people marched in a peaceful demonstration in Athens. In central Athens, 4,000 policemen were deployed, as authorities feared a possible replay of the December riots that followed the shooting death of 15-year-old Alexis Grigoropoulos. Police fired teargas at a group of demonstrators from Athens Polytechnic, which had been at the center of the December demonstrations.

An estimated 1 million people (450,000 according to police) marched in hundreds of demonstrations in France. The demonstration in Paris drew 165,000 marchers, carrying banners reading “Sarko [President Nicolas Sarkozy] promised us, Sarko lied” and “We won’t pay for the bankers.” (See “France: Up to a million people on May Day protests”)


via Workers march in May Day demonstrations around the world.


Turkish May Day protesters arrested


May 01 – Riot police backed with water cannons chase groups of protesters holding a May Day march in Istanbul.

Hundreds of protesters clashed with police units in Istanbul on Friday (May 01) as they tried to march to a prohibited square.

Labour unions in dozens of countries are using traditional May Day marches to highlight their grievances over various governments’ handling of the global economic crisis.


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