UK policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan: the way forward

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21 April, 2009

excerpts from:

HM Government

UK policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan: the way forward

Cabinet Office website, 29 April 2009

(Note: The full text of this report is posted further below)

The UK’s counter-terrorism strategy – CONTEST – sets out our overall approach to counterterrorism, covering activity overseas, including cooperation and capacity-building with security forces in Pakistan. […]Our cooperation is designed to help the Pakistani government deal with the challenge it faces from local terrorist and insurgent groups, and the international terrorist networks that are linked with, and supported by, those groups. […] The UK and Pakistan have worked together in tackling numerous important terrorist plots which could affect either of our countries, or both, or third countries as well. […]

In December 2008, we announced our largest bilateral programme of counter-terrorism support and capacity-building, worth £10m. […] We are working to build increasingly close connections between police forces in the UK with specialist expertise on counter-terrorism, and the Federal Investigation Agency and police forces in Pakistan. […]

We are also working with the Pakistani government, media, civil society and others to build resilience to violent extremism and tackle the grievances that drive radicalisation; and we are deepening our understanding of the links between counter-radicalisation in Pakistan and in Pakistani communities in the UK.


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