Engdahl: US decline was irreversible

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The world economy is not only showing few signs of recovery, but we are also looking at the end of the American century, according to German author and economist William Engdahl.


Economy On The Ropes By Mike Whitney

Michael Hudson: The Financial Barbarians at the Gate (must-listen)

Financial Crisis: Sustaining Unsustainability by Prof. Michael Hudson

2 thoughts on “Engdahl: US decline was irreversible

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  2. So, I wonder where the disconnect is: here, in America, or there, in Russia (or virtually anywhere else they have a news outlet in the world)?

    My wife was sitting here listening to the clip and she said, “How is it a dumbass redneck like us knows this stuff and those in charge don’t?”

    My answer: “They know.”

    “They are doing this on purpose.”

    Now, the question is “why would they do this to America?”

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