Looking Backward, Looking Forward

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Forum on “Looking Backward, Looking Forward: An intergenerational discussion among activists about lessons learned and directions to go in creating progressive social change” held March 25, 2009 at the Canoe Social Club at Theatre Off Jackson in Seattle.

from the archives:

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5 thoughts on “Looking Backward, Looking Forward

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  2. Maybe I’m gonna move to Seattle– such SMART people! These are the people asking the questions, with the experience of the movements that effected change, who survived the ‘dark times’, who lived while Abbie offed, these are the survivors.

    These are the good people.

    (And yet they all live on a fault line, awaiting the final tsunami that will wipe out the whole northwest coast, how precarious is that).

    I agree the social networking is seen as a substitute for community, and that these younger texting digital people talk way too fast… But that young woman is way smart.

    I don’t think this is typical. Bring together a roomful of typical upperwestside newyourk liberals, and it will descend into gossip and lox and stock prices. This is not a typical room of typical people, these are really unusual, real, smart, introspective people!

    I LOVED this video, this document of such smart progressive, wise people, planning and dealing with what worked, and where to go. This is beautiful. This is a great post.

    Thank you for showing these wonderful people, across generations, a great talk (if not a “panel”).

    I’m only half way through it…

    • Thanks for watching this long video, Natureboy. I enjoyed it very much and knew that some hardcore lefties here would also enjoy it.

      Natureboy, you got to get out of NYC. Go to a college town, that’s where I live and people just like these in this talk are everywhere! Really, truly, these people reminded me of professors I know and college students I know. There’s always something going on in this town and probably most college towns. Can you say “Progressive”?

      • I’m so there… wish Ida went to ‘college’ instead of arrogant ‘art school’.

        I love this crowd! It used to be that there were bohemians in NYC, the forefront of progressive politics, Union Square, my grandparents ‘soap-boxing’ for real, speaking and fighting for unions and progress, preaching to all who would listen. What a barren town of co-op-dwelling trust-fund consumerists this place became!

        Truly inspiring and smart, these are the true progressives. Wow, people who think and speak. So refreshing! (This plant is very thirsty!).

        • Well you are an artist, going to Art School was right for you. I’m sorry the area that you live in has changed so much. But you can take your talents with you and move to a college town. I’ve lived here for almost 30 years now, and can’t think of a better place to be. Cost of living has always been much lower than in the far off cities, we are surrounded by countryside, no suburbs here. One little city/big town, average age is 25 because of all the college students. We have one University and 2 private colleges. I’d say almost every street (not side streets) has bike paths marked on the street! There’s a bus system that works and doesn’t cost too much. Resale shops are everywhere. Artists, musicians, creative people everywhere. Old hippies, and young ones live here.

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