A Peace of the Anarchy: Ammon Hennacy and Other Angelic Troublemakers

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replaced video Jan. 10, 2013

Michael Iafrate·May 12, 2012

With Ammon Hennacy, Dorothy Day, John Dear, Kathy Kelly, Tom Cornell, Daniel Berrigan, Phillip Berrigan, etc.

From the archives:

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7 thoughts on “A Peace of the Anarchy: Ammon Hennacy and Other Angelic Troublemakers

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  3. natureboy — good reply. what we do in this world is never a numbers game. the trouble with us is that we have free will. that is also the cool thing about us too. there will be people who will choose violence . but those of us who know better choose non violence.

    Christ did talk about the narrow gate. i think he was referring to the few that choose the tough road of what he demands….feed the poor , visit prisoners, protest war, etc. economic justice. the exact opposite of the Roman empire mentality .

  4. (Anarcho-Syndicalism anyone?)

    This is an amazing, inspiring peace.
    Thank you Lo for posting it.

    I remember the Plowshares 8, perhaps belief in Jesus can bring out the radical humanity in us more than the deranged violence. Perhaps Indoctrination and party-affiliation is always problematic.

    But aren’t we generally born sentient humans regardless?

    Where is everybody? Is stopping war by STOPPING WAR the province of these few angelic devout pacifist self-sacrificing mavericks/refusenicks? Why don’t the workers & soldiers get it, even as industrial/finance-capitalism, and yet another deranged violent empire finally falls apart or at least reveals it’s inherent corruption?

    Where is the civil disobedience, where is the properly focused outrage, where are the basic scruples, that which people seem to sing about in their pious and popular songs?

    Speak now people or forever hold your peace, for we are all now complicit in state-sponsored terror untold and untellable (and apparently unstoppable). “Pacifism takes guts”.

    So far I’m entirely down with these pacifist anarchismists, both the Dorothy Day and Ammon Hennacy versions (not to mention Emma), and the definitely down with the War Resistors League. (Though I’d probably not substitute god with ‘Truth’, but rather ‘Honesty’). Violent anarchists, along with all violent people are to be shunnned (sorry Che, but there were other options…)

    ThanksLiving folks, let us be contemplative about Creation, like Jesus & Thoreau (and let us all make the independent natural choice to refuse to deploy in more state/corporate-sponsored violence).

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  6. thanks for posting this .
    a little history on the birth of Anarchism in the 19th century as a philosophy : they are 6 forms of Anarchism . 4 are violent , 1 is existential , and 1 is christian non violent Anarchism pioneered by the later writings of Leo Tolstoy .
    if you read ”the kingdom of heaven is within you ” by Tolstoy , it gives you a real understanding of what christian anarchism is all about . a lot of christian anarchists in the 20th century have drawn on Tolstoy.

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