Ron Paul On The Rachel Maddow Show

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May 05, 2009 MSNBC

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2 thoughts on “Ron Paul On The Rachel Maddow Show

  1. I watched this on TV last night. It was good show. Rachel is great.

    It was inspiring to hear Dr. Paul lambaste the rethugs as ‘warmongers’, and to differentiate himself from the horrific newtists (still haven’t recovered from that contract on amerigaah).

    Glad to see Rachel bring him on, and hoping more ‘conservatives’ follow his path (if they gotta be a conservatives…).

    And yeah, we wanna know what’s goin on there in that Federal Reserve! Audit them to smithereens, then nationalize the central bank. How could they have made public money a secretive private enterprize? This is not Bernanke’s money to print…

    We need to look into the paradoxes of Democrat Woodrow Wilson to further understand his legacy.

  2. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that those who are still in the Republican Party are only the fundamental, evangelical, extremist base – the infamous , intellectually- and-morally-deficient base, whose eyes, ears are sealed shut and brains are on some fanatical hiatus. These, who include mental giants like Palin, Cheney, Rove and Limbaugh, among others, will simply not see the wrong in their ways, if God himself appeared in the sky and told them so – they’d probably accuse him of becoming too liberal and socialist too. So, I wouldn’t waste a moment on that intellectually-challenged gang of ideological fanatics, simply because they aren’t in it for the truth, justice and what’s right for America, but rather for what validates their twisted and sick understanding of how the world and America should be like. They lost it, not only politically, but in every other sad way.

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