Al Gore: Alarming new slides of the worsening climate crisis

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TEDtalksDirector At TED2009, Al Gore presents updated slides from around the globe to make the case that worrying climate trends are even worse than scientists predicted, and to make clear his stance on “clean coal.”


Coal ash is damaging water, health in 34 states, groups say

By Renee Schoof
McClatchy Newspapers
May 7, 2009

WASHINGTON — People in 34 states who live near 210 coal ash lagoons or landfills with inadequate lining have a higher risk of cancer and other diseases from contaminants in their drinking water, two environmental groups reported on Thursday.

Twenty-one states have five or more of the high-risk disposal sites near coal-fired power plants. The groups — the Environmental Integrity Project and Earthjustice — said that a 2002 Environmental Protection Agency document that the agency didn’t release until March of this year adds information about toxic releases from these facilities to nearby water systems and data on how some contaminants accumulate in fish and deer and can harm the health of people who hunt and fish.


via Coal ash is damaging water, health in 34 states, groups say | McClatchy

3 thoughts on “Al Gore: Alarming new slides of the worsening climate crisis

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  2. Dandi
    Detroit had to build those big trucks and low milage cars for the chemical/petroleum industry and the Tax Revenue, and don’t y’all forget it. So, who’s the blame, the poor sucker whom purchased the vehicle, or the profiteer’s of availability.
    The church, well, they too use petrol dollars, so don’t expect too much.
    Gun owners are even/steven, not criminals.
    Criminals are Criminals, and Criminals with guns are dangerous, I know personally…. . ?

  3. If you listen to MSNBC, the GOP is floundering.
    I don’t think so.

    I think they will be back, and the first thing they will attack is evolution, and then global climate change (caused by humans? Not a chance), and then they will attack peace, justice and the rule of law (because it’s there, and in the way of, well, mining, logging, hunting… and being whitey!)

    Drive A big truck, carry a big GUUN, and if it doesn’t go to mega-church? Shoot it!

    This is who we are here, and they will be back. The world doesn’t really wanna believe just how dangerous these gun-totin’ goons really are.

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