Single-Payer advocates protest Senate hearing + The Divine Comedy: Sweden

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Chair of Finance Committee takes Single-Payer plan off the table and calls for “more police”.


The Divine Comedy – Sweden



The Daily Show: The Stockholm Syndrome

What is Socialism? (archive of posts)

10 thoughts on “Single-Payer advocates protest Senate hearing + The Divine Comedy: Sweden

  1. I am replying from Sweden.
    The so called “Swedish Model” is really falling apart. It´s gone. Ruined. Dismantled.

    Right now people are thrown out of the welfaresystem. Kicked out in the street. People are loosing theire homes. Theire job. There are only crumbs left of our health insurance. The same goes for the unemployment Insurance.
    People from the middleclass are falling out of the system.

    Today Sweden is just another faceless country in Europe who lost it´s souverignety to the European Union. We are being ruled by an unelected elite, ( the EU-Commission, our gouvernment ) that only just look at elite interests.
    Not the people.

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  6. But, but… without profit, there would be no doctors, and no bio-tech… no drugs, no monsanto, no cures for monsanto by monsanto… for profit b y monsanto.

    The medical system, without petrochemical cancer would completely collapse, and then where would the market for cures be? We can’t possibly have single-payer, because then we’d be infecting public health with the absense of selfishness…

    What is the matter with you communists, don’t you see that selfishness is the only path to salvation?

  7. Man, That Baucus dick sure is funny.

    Senator, I have ZERO respect for you and your entire cabal of OWNED Senators.

    The US Senate is a place where all the very worst of America resides.

    LYING Pieces of shit… ALL.

    • This made me very angry, too. We, the people, want single payer healthcare, and the Senate just decides to not hear anyone who speaks about it, amazing. The way they were laughing when he said they needed more police! Ahhh! Corporations rule our country.

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