Turley: Pelosi’s denials not credible

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Rachel Maddow-Professor Jonathan Turley: Speaker Pelosi’s denials not credible
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11 thoughts on “Turley: Pelosi’s denials not credible

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  3. I concur with U?.

    This Pelosi person was complicit, she knew, she allowed. Cindy Sheehan should have usurped her job easily, the fact she didn’t means the whole west coast sucks. No wonder it keeps burning down.

    Pelosi will forever be known as the one who barred impeachment for much larger crimes than this scandal of ‘enhanced interrogation’.

    She refused to allow the impeachment of BOTCH for the WAR-CRIME of assaulting, bombing and occupying a state KNOWN to be of no threat to the USA, resulting in the incineration of a million Iraqis and now 4.25K amrerigoon enlisted militaristic murderers (sorry to say, serves ‘em right).

    Why is this all so complicated? Olbermann, and now Maddow have had Turley on for now dozens of times. He is a lawyer. How is this not clear? The LAW is the LAW. If we are NOT a nation of laws, that’s one thing, but then don’t ever again arrest a petty thief or a potsmoker, if you won’t indict, arrest, try and convict a MASS MURDERER.

    Torture on the Potomac is still nothing compared to the incineration of a nation. Unless there is accountability, there will be precedent.

    State Bar associations? Absurd. I know lawyers, this is a joke, a retail organization. We are talking here about WAR-CRIMES, people! Slaughter of the innocents, torture, body parts in trucks; all for lies, and nothing is going to be done about that??

    If so, don’t ever, not one of you right-wing, gun/goon-toting maniacs tell me that the USA stands for the rule of law. This is Rome, Spain, the worst imperialistic horrific force no better than hitler himself.

    I have a prediction: They will watch Sex in the City reruns, they will go shopping, and they will buy shoes.

    Goddamn amerigaah.

    • Thank you again for your commentary, Natureboy.

      Pelosi is covering her own butt, that’s why she took the impeachment of Cheney and Bush off the table. She is complicit in these war crimes. All the Democratic Party are complicit minus a very few who never voted for the war funding (Kucinich comes to mind).

      • How are we to handle this?

        Off topic is it is, in self defense (which is my right) I will rent out the barn and bury myself in magnificent pianisms, somewhere north of the border:


        If hands can be butterflies, how could anyone harm them? Please, I have no comprehension of this madness.

        Please people, play music, pluck banjos, guitarras, it could all be so beautiful and peaceful and nurturing and fulfilling.

        Are not people offended by the violence? Do they not realize that the bombs and shrapnel are cutting nerves, and muscles, that could otherwise create?

        I want each and every one who work in munitions factories to join my new collective– we will weave, make pots, and forge scrap-iron into plowshares. I will show you how to make pretty things of metal that are of no danger!

        My gosh, I’m only 44, why do I feel like an ancient hippee?

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  5. Its time for Rachel and Keith to abandon the democratic party. The democratic party Pelosi, Obama, reid and all, voted with and supported all that occured in the last decade. It is time for Rachel to state directly Pelosi’s lie, and her criminal involvelment in what has happened. Of course she doesn’t want to pursue charges for war crimes. She is involved in them. She has taken her own crimes off the table. The evils of George Bush are just a distraction from the evils existent throughout the system. Pelosi is a criminal. And Obama has done nothing to end war and violence, and he has done everything to continue a redistribution of wealth upward. Its time for Rachel and Keith to speak for America and end their loving buddy relationship with the democratic party.

  6. Time for the corrupt/criminal/conspirator’s to be judged.
    they have “NO” defense, the crime of torture was committed/permitted/perpetuated, and the responsibility is that of those whom particapated. ?

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