What To Do With The Skeleton of Unfettered Capitalism?

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Naomi Klein on the Bank Bailouts + Kaptur: When Will The Wall Street Wrongdoers Be Brought To Justice?

Urgency of the American Monetary Act by Richard C. Cook

7 thoughts on “What To Do With The Skeleton of Unfettered Capitalism?

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  5. That’s smoking banjo pickin, BTW…

    Back in the early 80’s in NYC, we had a thing called squatters, people took over buildings, and lived there for years.

    The government should lease these structures at cost and house all the homeless.

    I have the feeling commercial mallville will be vacant for a while yet…

  6. Here in NYC, the very last guerilla artist left alive is pasting up his poster of all the stores for rent, I’m gonna take a pic of it and post.

    The entire commercial scene is for rent. I don’t believe there’s a green shoot to be had, even in this island of shopmonstors– the is the realm of 70% off sales, which gets down to what things cost to make, by overseas slaves.

    Oh I want the capitalistic experiment to foreclose, I want our shops to be worker-owned. I want us to make things with soul, and traded equitably at honest valuations.

    But why won’t this recession impact the availability of weapons of war? Why is there still plenty to spend on ammo.

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