Bill Moyers Journal: Dick Durbin + Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

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Bill Moyers Journal
May 8, 2009

Dick Durbin

As the banking stress test results come in, the JOURNAL takes a closer look at money’s stranglehold on politics. Bill Moyers speaks with Senator Dick Durbin D-IL on campaign finance reform, big lobbying, and making Washington work for the people rather than special interests.

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Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot

Bill Moyers speaks with one of America’s leading educators and author of THE THIRD CHAPTER: PASSION RISK AND ADVENTURE IN THE 25 YEARS AFTER 50.

via Bill Moyers Journal . Watch & Listen | PBS.


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    • Ms. Lightfoot’s advice for the last years of one’s life represents another example of chasing the shadows of the ego’s insanity. Anyone who has watched all that they have loved vanish and felt the waning of every triumph and pleasure should should, as did the Buddha, realize there are better things to do with the last years of life than continue to pursue the same old delusions. She represents a typical example of the silliness that is taught in today’s universities of which Harvard is particularly guilty. In her case it may be the result of so much heavy metal hanging from her ears!

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