Did America Lose It’s Moral High Ground With The Bush Torture Policies?

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May 11, 2009 BBC World

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Obama’s First 100 Days: Mixed Messages On Torture by Andy Worthington

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3 thoughts on “Did America Lose It’s Moral High Ground With The Bush Torture Policies?

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  2. Wow, Ted Koppel, blast from Amerigah’s tortuous past, apparently the blood brother of Henry Kissinger…

    The real loss to amerigaah’s hope for any moral, or legal high-ground was forever lost with these invasions.

    We don’t really wanna know what went on in Iraq, what our goons did over there, any more than we wanna know what they did in Vietnam.

    There’s a good movie which hints at just how dark this whole thing was, how texan, how southern, how racist, how sickeningly violent, how war-criminal.

    Thankful for good actors in a time when footage from the front was completely redacted. The tragically militaristic mind of amerigoons:

    See the Valley of Elah, with Tommy Lee Jones.

    What an incredible disaster, this war, all the way around.

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