Dennis Kucinich: This Is A Hoax! It Is A Swindle! Wake Up America!

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U.S. House of Representatives
House Session
May 12, 2009

Kucinich’s speech starts at 53:56


Mr. Kucinich: Yesterday, health care executives indicated to the White House that they were going to slow the rate of growth over a period of 10 years, thereby saving $2 trillion. Wake up America, you have to look at the underlying numbers here. What it means is that their share of revenue for all health care spending is going to rise to $12.8 trillion by 2020. 1. 5%, Slowing the rate of growth, times 10 years, 15%, you multiply that times your 12.8 Trillion, you get about $2 trillion. This is a hoax. It is a swindle. They are trying to tell the American people that these insurance companies that make money not providing health care are suddenly going to give the American people a break when in fact the rate at which we are going to be paying is going to be 35% more than it is now. Wake-up, America, the only plan that we can have that can work is universal single payer not for profit health care. Break the chains, the shackles that these insurance companies have on our political process. Yield back.


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  5. Thank you Mr. Kucinich for your faithful and persistent support for Democracy and America.

  6. Health care is a right of each citizen, not a business. Why should anyone be allowed to profit from misery? Where is the compassion and the brotherly love which serves as a foundation of our civility and our humanity? Shame on all of us, those who make health profit an industry and shame on the rest of us for allowing it!!!

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