Adulterated Food by Guadamour + What’s in a Twinkie?

by Guadamour
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May 13, 2009

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For over a century and a half the core of the wealth of the United States rested on a level and healthy foundation of small farmers. They produced bountiful nutritious crops that allow the United States to grow and to help feed themselves and a good part of the world. Sadly, that time is over.

Large corporate farms are now the norm, and they are often controlled or owned outright by the processed food industry. This is the industry that provides a steady diet of adulterated food to the public. With the Genetically Modified Organism seeds now produced by the Rockefeller controlled Monsanto corporation, corporations have even manage to adulterate seeds.

I was recently sent a video of a man on TV, The man showed a Twinkie that was still in the package he had bought in 1986. It still looked as good as when purchased. He explained that it could still be eaten. He warned the reason it lasted so long was because of the unhealthy preservatives. He then showed a carrot that was a week old and had turned soft. He held up the twenty year old Twinkie and the week old carrot, and asked why we would throw away a week old carrot and eat a 20-year old Twinkie.

Citizens of the United States have so many preservatives in their bodies when they die that it takes the corpses over five times as long to decompose as a body that was not exposed to a chemically laced food diet.

Unhealthy chemicals are routinely added to food products in the US even when they are not needed. A good example of that is marinated Greek Style Olives. When the olives are imported from Greece where they have been produced for thousands of years ; they include olives, water, red wine, olive oil, salt and herbs. When they are produced in California they include Canola oil (this is actually rape seed oil and is not nearly as healthy as olive oil, but it is a lot cheaper to produce) in lieu of olive oil. The other ingredients included in these “Greek olives” are corn syrup, calcium disodium EDTA (to preserve flavor), sugar, soybean oil, xanthan gum, citric acid, potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate to protect flavor and act as a preservative. And these California “Greek Olives” are healthier than a lot of what’s on the grocery shelves.

A saying that most people have heard is: “We are what we eat.” I urge people to read labels and eat whole foods without preservatives and not a chemical medley purveyed by corporate interests that don’t have your health in mind. All they have in mind is their bottom line profits.

In 2000, the US government spent $1 million on educating the public about the importance of eating whole fruits and vegetables while that same year the McDonald’s Corporation (one of many, many corporations advertising) spent $50 million on their advertising.


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What’s in a Twinkie?



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