Countdown: What Was The Motivation To Torture?

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May 14, 2009 MSNBC Keith Olbermann

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4 thoughts on “Countdown: What Was The Motivation To Torture?

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  2. After all we’ve seen and heard from Dick Cheney and his cronies, which seems to be nothing short of a confession of breaking the law in a most despicable and immoral ways, and the whole intent behind that was purely poitical gain, justification ,in any way they can come up with, of a war that was cooked up in Cheney’s kitchen, and protecting America from danger was, evidently, not exactly a priority here. There’s so much at stake here, so much to lose, like our credibility as a nation that for so long boasted of morality that is no longer there. What a disgrace of epic proportion. Shame on America if it let Cheney and his gang get away with this mockery of all that America has ever stood for

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