Pelosi Accuses CIA Of Lying To Congress

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7 thoughts on “Pelosi Accuses CIA Of Lying To Congress

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  3. Oh, of COURSE the CIA; that wonderful organization in charge of destabilizing the governments in countries with natural resources so the PNAC and other such neocon scum can come in and take over, would NEVER lie to Congress.

    That said, the Democrats were elected to DEAL with this crap; not continue to look the other way while the neocons continue to do just as they please. The only way things are going to change is if we continue to raise hell and hold accountable everybody involved in the debacle our country has become.

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  5. …and what about Pelosi’s complicity in lying to the American people and her “do as you wish” philosophy in regard to the Bush administration? (“Impeachment is off the table”, said she and Conyer’s et. al. all fell into line.) Isn’t this just the sort of buck passing we look for in our leaders these days? When is the democon congress going to get rid of this snake?

    • What gets me is that the people of San Fransisco had a perfect choice in the last election, Cindy Sheehan, and the so called Liberals voted for Pelosi instead! Ahhh.

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