It’s Not Too Late to Save America By Timothy V. Gatto

By Timothy V. Gatto
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
May 15, 2009

Every day the United States manages to portray itself as being worse than the day before. At this particular point, I don’t believe that we can possibly dive any deeper into the cesspit that we have managed to dig for ourselves. Our foreign policy is based on lies; our economic policy is only functioning because the world holds so much US debt that if America defaults on its loans it would bankrupt China, Japan, India and other nations that have managed to base their entire economy on worthless American paper.

Our government is embroiled in debate over torture. The debate isn’t if we torture, the debate is about whether torture works and when government officials knew about and authorized our use of torture methods first. Meanwhile, the President has decided that releasing photos of Americans torturing people might not be such a good idea. The question of whether anyone will be prosecuted for breaking US and International law was hinted at when the “liberal” American President replaced the Commander of American forces in Afghanistan with a man that some analysts claim is the chief architect of modern torture methods, Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, a senior administrator with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will take the place of Gen. David McKiernan once he is confirmed by the Senate. McChrystal was deeply involved with Special Forces, including Delta Force.

The question that I have is how long will the Obama administration continue to shield the Bush administration from being prosecuted for using “enhanced interrogation techniques” such as water boarding? We are in violation of International law and we can’t right this wrong until Attorney General Eric Holder names a Special Prosecutor to investigate claims that the Bush Administration used torture.

I’m sure that I’m not the only American that is thoroughly ashamed of the conduct of our government since this “Global War on Terror” was declared after the attacks on America. These attacks were supposedly carried out by 19 Arabs armed with box cutters that managed to evade the most sophisticated air defense system in the world for hours by shutting off the transponders. The government claims that Americans who doubted the entire 9/11 scenario are called “conspiracy theorists” and are said to wear tin hats. These people were put into the same category with those that claimed that the U.S. was torturing people.

We are now attacking Pakistan on a regular basis with unmanned Predator aircraft and taking out innocent women and children daily. At the same time we worry about Pakistan becoming “destabilized”. Since when has this war in Afghanistan become a “must-win” war as described by the New York Times yesterday in an editorial about the appointment of Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Since when is the NY Times the deciding entity of what war is vital to national security? According to the NYT:

“Continued Taliban gains would bring even greater suffering to the Afghan people. It would also mean wider sanctuaries for terrorists plotting attacks against the United States and Europe and even greater instability in Pakistan.”

In my opinion this is rubbish. Since when has Afghanistan become America’s number 1 security issue? Since when do newspapers determine what our security interests are? We heard the same thing about Iraq. How long are we going to be at war with Islam? This country has been at war over seven years now and all we have managed to do is fill the coffers of the military industrial complex. Mercenary armies have grown in stature and power as we open military bases in every country we can get a foothold in.

Over four million Iraqi’s have been displaced and over a million have been killed outright. The carnage has been moved to a different country, but I’m sure with two countries to attack, we can get the casualties on par with Iraq.

Barack Obama promised “change”, yet the similarities between the old administration and the new are becoming increasingly blurred. NATO continues to grow and threatens to encircle Russia. America seems to look at every nation as an adversary or an ally. The war mentality of our government was never so blatantly exposed as when the Senate voted against measures that would have given homeowners assistance in renegotiating mortgages with the banks. They couldn’t afford to extend credit to homeowners so they could continue to live in their homes, yet the very next vote to appropriate another 100 billion dollars to fund our nation’s wars was passed with lightning speed. We continue to fund the mistakes of the bankers and ignore the plight of our citizens that have bailed them out time and time again.

The Democrats have no excuse for turning their backs on their constituents. The Republican Party is crippled, the Democrats have all the power, yet they continue to support the corporate thieves and the munitions industry. The American people, the only ones that can stop this nation’s march into madness, seem to be deaf and dumb. We are holding no one responsible and allowing Congress and the Executive branch to treat us as a beaten down people that have lost the ability to think for ourselves.

We desperately need an intervention. The American people have seemingly given up trying to make any sense of what is happening, right in front of their eyes. The corporate machine that runs the government and the media has taken control and they are trying to bleed not only this nation, but the whole planet of every last resource. Everything is upside-down and backwards and the people feel powerless. We are not! The only way to save this planet is for people to stand up and tell these scavengers that enough is enough. It’s only too late if we believe it’s too late.


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