Obama Takes Over Where Bush Left Off By Mike Whitney

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By Mike Whitney
May 17, 2009 “Information Clearing House

Barack Obama is aggressively stepping up the war in Afghanistan. He’s intensified the cross-border bombing of Pakistan and he is doubling the number of U.S. troops to 68,000 by 2010. He’s also a strong proponent of pilotless drones even though hundreds of civilians have been killed in bombing raid blunders.

On May 4, 2009, 143 civilians were killed in a bombing raid in Bala Baluk, a remote area south of Herat. Obama brushed off the incident with terse apology never intimating that the US policy for aerial bombardment would be reviewed to avoid future mishaps. Patrick Cockburn gave a summary of the incident: Continue reading

Soil Devitalization by Guadamour

by Guadamour
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Guadamour’s blog post
May 13, 2009

Freshly Planted Spinach

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Many medical doctors and PhDs contend that there is no difference between organically and conventionally grown crops. These alleged experts also believe there is no decrease in nutrients from soil degradation or crop selection.

Donald Davis, PhD and lead researcher at the University of Texas Biochemical Institute on a crop-nutrient study Continue reading

SDHP – Exit Limbo by Bartholomew Bean

Bartholomew Bean

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by Bartholomew Bean
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Bartholomew Bean’s Youtube channel

The following video was a two minute entry for the “Gimme Truth” contest that was shown with ten other entries at the Blue Note Feb. 28,09, during the “True/False” film festival in Columbia, MO.


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US elected to UN’s Human Rights Council?! What next a US “Peace” council?

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The US is on UN’s Human Rights Council?! What next? Will there be a US “peace” council? Maybe Saudi Arabia can form a council for Women’s rights. China can form a Workers’ Rights council and Israel can act like it’s not an apartheid while Iceland can give lectures about Economics…

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