SDHP – Exit Limbo by Bartholomew Bean

Bartholomew Bean

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by Bartholomew Bean
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The following video was a two minute entry for the “Gimme Truth” contest that was shown with ten other entries at the Blue Note Feb. 28,09, during the “True/False” film festival in Columbia, MO.




Bartholomew Bean and the vehicle

The following is text from the bicentennial bus conceived of and hand painted during road trip to Florida in May of 1976. A commentary on the motives of corporate America.

Text on the side of the bicentennial bus:

Script from the side of “the bicentennial bus”, hand painted on the bus in Atlanta, Georgia in may, 1976.

As an American citizen may I ask some questions:

1. Is the free enterprise system regressing into a twentieth century feudal system? From the dictionary, feudalism: a. Any social system in which great landowners or hereditary overlords exact revenue from the land and also exercise the functions of government in their domain. b. Control by an entrenched minority especially for its own benefit.

2. Whose interests control the destiny of the United States, the peoples, or the corporations?

3. Who carries the bulk of the tax burden in ratio to the amount of income profited: the people, or the corporations?

4. To whose profit or advantage are our natural resources exploited, used or abused: the peoples, or the corporations?

5. Did the forefathers and originators of this country provide a format of freedom so that greed conscious, power minded individuals would have the liberty to con and steal, manipulate and maneuver themselves into the positions of the ruling class? Or was freedom endowed upon the people of this beautiful land so that they would never allow themselves to be placed under such circumstances of masqueraded tyranny? 6. Who spends millions (billions) upon millions (billions) of dollars yearly, solely for the purpose of psychological persuasion, and manipulation of the lives of over 200 (300) million men, women, and children: the people, or the corporations?

7. Whose responsibility is it to see that the united states is not overthrown by the mentalities which manipulate and control the populace through the government and the laws in order to enhance their designs for power and profit? The peoples, or the corporations? May we the descendants of the people of the world be an example of true freedom of spirit and mind to the entire population of this most beautiful planet, earth. May we show with pureness of innovation and invention the creativity of human love toward all mankind. On this our 200th year as a union. May we extend ourselves as individuals to help each other, and thusly the world’s people to rise above the sadness and suffering which surrounds us.

By the union of our spirits—may all light prevail

The Society for the Development of Human Potential


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