Is Nancy Pelosi a Liar, a Coward, or Just Plain Old, Garden Variety, Stupid? by Cindy Sheehan

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by Cindy Sheehan
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May 19, 2009

The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media. — William Colby, long time CIA operative and Director of the CIA under Richard Nixon

In stating that the CIA “mis-led” her in a briefing where the CIA claims that they told Nancy Pelosi about the drowning torture known as “water-boarding,” she is either showing an astonishing amount of naiveté, she is lying, or she is just plain stupid. Also, using this lame excuse conveniently turns the conversation to water-boarding and not other forms of torture; which Pelosi admits she was briefed on in September of 2002. Additionally, even though it is highly probable that the CIA did lie to Pelosi in September of 2002, she admits that the Agency came clean, so to speak in March of 2003…a mere six months later. So she either knew about water-boarding and did nothing about it six and a half years ago, or she knew about water-boarding and did nothing about it six years ago. Six months is an awfully long time when you’re being unlawfully detained and tortured by the US Torture Squad Goons.

After Nancy Pelosi admitted to foolishly allowing herself to be tricked by that “fine and upstanding” organization, her counterpart over on the other side of the aisle, John Boehner (looks like “Boner” but sounds like “Baynor) said that he was pretty sure that the CIA would never “lie to Congress.” The CIA Director, Leon Panetta also claimed shortly thereafter that it is not the “practice” of the CIA to lie to Congress, and he even said it with a straight face!

Oh, no! Never! Perish the thought! The CIA can and does, among so many other horrendous acts: torture people (or train torturers) all over the world, assassinate world leaders who won’t allow themselves to be used as pawns by the Corporatocracy-Robber Class, operate on a major clandestine scale where even its budget is secret, and so on, but heaven forefend the CIA would lie to Congress, or anyone else, for that matter!

However, on the other hand, Nancy Pelosi was no babe in the woods when it came to “intelligence” matters because when she was briefed, she was the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee and in Congress for well over a dozen years at that point. The CIA briefed her in 2002 when I was a band-mom in Vacaville and I knew even back then that the CIA lies. That’s the nature of the CIA. The CIA is an organization that was founded on lies and every step of its bloody, secret police-state history is built on lies. Lies, lies and more lies from the ground up to the rooftop.

Now, Nancy Pelosi, (or her staff), says that she was not allowed to tell the American public what she knew about torture because the information was top-secret and she could have gone to prison if she revealed the briefing and she has since stated that she is unequivocally “against torture.”

Her silence and the silence of many others about the cruel Bush/Cheney practices has led to the deaths of over one million people and the unfathomable wounding of not only thousands who have been tortured but the torturers, too. The harm to our soldiers in the field is incalculable as is the carnage that followed the corrupt policies.

I would rather be in prison than know my actions or bad choices were responsible for so much devastation. One can argue that not acting is not a crime, but merely by taking the action to choose co-conspiratorial silence was in this instance, a terrible and costly choice.

Why did Pelosi decide not to take the courageous and patriotic step of exposing the crimes of the Bush Regime? Was it because she feared going to prison? I don’t think so. Her reasoning for not doing the right thing was that she was “concentrating on getting more Democrats elected.” Those are her exact words and look how well that strategy has worked out for the world. How do you like the peace the Democrats have delivered so far?

I would join the call for Pelosi’s resignation, but that call has mostly been coming from the right, and I have been trying to expose her for what she is for almost two years now: a centrist who cares about party politics far more than she cares about humanity. Pelosi is not a “crazy liberal.” Pelosi is Liberal In Name Only, a LINO. I advocate for life in prison for every/anyone who authorized torture; wrote the torture manuals; formulated the torture police; ordered torture; tortured; or condoned torture by her silence.

George and Nancy should have adjoining cells with a Jack and Jill bathroom so she can adore him 24 hours a day and they can reminisce about the “good old days” when George committed crimes while Nancy covered him using her Speaker’s gavel instead of a Tommy gun.

Politics don’t make “strange bedfellows” they make stupid and weak people do monumentally vile things.

Mis amigos, this is what the media is so adept at covering up and what other LINO’s like to call “political pragmatism” in action.


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7 thoughts on “Is Nancy Pelosi a Liar, a Coward, or Just Plain Old, Garden Variety, Stupid? by Cindy Sheehan

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  2. Ms Sheehan,

    What I know about you only comes from the Internet and Wikipedia. And I am one of these dreadful people who supported the war against the Soviet Union, otherwise known as the Cold War. I lost people near and dear to me, however, not a son to combat and I expect your marriage would not have been helped by the circumstances and events surrounding your loss. I find it extremely strange that you side with Newt Gingrich in wishing to see the back of Nancy Pelosi. But it is a fact of life that at times, the ideologically opposed have a cause in common. I support you rather than Mr. Gingrich’s standpoint.

    I am long retired up when the great movement of equality for all, irrespective of gender, race etc. was introduced, it was my perception that certain career women made it to the top by sleeping with senior managers. Several of my own staff were by any reasonable standard far more capable than the mattress shakers. On many occasions, I encouraged them to apply for promotion to senior positions but they did not want the lifestyle and demands required of executive level staff. Regrettably it was their decision but I understood.

    On another website today I saw a picture of Nancy Pelosi that no one in their right mind would show to a child going to bed. She can’t help her looks any more than you or me. The same may be said of Janet Napolotino and certain other toxic appointments to senior positions.So it comes down to judgement on/by their actions. The real question is how did they get there and who benefits from their holding high office. Gender of itself is no excuse or explanation. As for Nancy Pelosi, I humbly suggest that she is everything you have described her as being and that probably means mad and bad as well.

    In the fullness of time and I don’t expect to see it, these people will be exposed and shamed before getting their pink ticket but she and others must shown as incompetent, not allowed to be martyrs.

  3. A member of Congress lied? The Speaker Lied?
    You think???

    I’m amazed that ANYONE is still surprised by lies from this or any administration. Only the totally naive would believe that a gov’t is working transparently FOR the people.

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