Naomi Klein: US banks bailout is pure robbery

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Obama’s Wall Street bailout the greatest heist in monetary history, believes Naomi Klein an award-winning journalist, syndicated columnist, and international bestselling author.

Naomi Klein: US is so damaged, even tiny steps are seen as progress


Naomi Klein on the Bank Bailouts + Kaptur: When Will The Wall Street Wrongdoers Be Brought To Justice?

Fire the Boss: Naomi Klein & Avi Lewis + Despair in Detroit (Nader; Paul)

6 thoughts on “Naomi Klein: US banks bailout is pure robbery

  1. OK, so she is the sexiest mind alive– but all I can contribute is this: I believe her necklace is either mine or one of my knockoffers–

    If all I can offer is a silhouette to a former Canadian shopper/mallrat that enhances in some way the presentation of such a profound mind and amazing presentation, then I have done what I can do.

    Thank you Lo, Thank you Naomi, and Thank you designer of the original necklace, the accoutrement that in some small way caressed her brilliance (Oh Avi, what a brilliantly, deserving, and lucky, fortunate man you are– if you want the original, I will gladly contribute to your next anniversary gift;)

    {Yikes, can I lay in the schtick or what??}

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