Fmr. V.P. Cheney discusses terrorism + Cheney: Support for Israel Feeds Terrorism

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Updated: May 25, 2009

May 21, 2009

… Fmr. Vice Pres. Dick Cheney delivered an address, comparing the Bush-Admin. counter-terror strategy with Pres. Obama’s approach to terrorism.

via C-SPAN Video Player – Pres. Obama and Fmr. V.P. Cheney discuss terrorism Policy


Cheney: Support for Israel Feeds Terrorism

By Ray McGovern
May 23, 2009 “”Information Clearing House”

If we hear in the coming days that former vice president Dick Cheney has fired one of his speechwriters – or perhaps grounded Lynne or Liz – it will be clear why.

Oozing out of the sleazy speech he gave Thursday at the American Enterprise Institute was an inadvertent truth regarding the Israeli albatross hanging around the neck of U.S. policy in the Middle East.

I watched the speech, but had missed the gaffe until I went carefully through the written text before a radio interview Thursday evening. It amounts to a major faux pas, though I’ll give you odds that the usual-suspect pundits of the Fawning Corporate Media FCM will not touch it, because it raises troubling questions about the close U.S. relationship with Israel.


via : Information Clearing House – ICH

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