Michael Ratner: “Absolutist” to defend the law?

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Michael Ratner: It’s outrageous to equate people who demand the rule of law with those who break it.


Policy differences or high crimes?

Swanson: Obama allowing Cheney to play offense; constitution demands prosecution.


Vince Warren: Obama’s “Preventive Detention” Plan Goes Beyond Bush

The Obama-Cheney “debate” and the threat of dictatorship in America

Indefinite detention? Shame on you… President Obama + Maddow Dissects Cheney’s Speech

My Message To Obama: Great Speech, But No Military Commissions and No “Preventive Detention” by Andy Worthington

President Obama’s Speech: Protecting Our Security and Our Values

Countdown Special Comment: Cheney, go away. + Wilkerson

4 thoughts on “Michael Ratner: “Absolutist” to defend the law?

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  3. My ? is, if not now, when?
    These are International treaties that have been broken.
    By the way, the United States was one of the main drivers of a “War Crime’s” tribunal against Germany’s, & Japan’s Illegal leadership.

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