Kucinich: Bring Cheney before Congress to Testify Under Oath

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May 24, 2009

Rep. Dennis Kucinich speaks more truth!

Rep. Kucinich would like to get Cheney under oath and question him about how he really contributed to our national insecurity!

Dick Cheney keeps saying “enhanced interrogation” was used to stop imminent attacks, but evidence is mounting that the real reason was to invent evidence linking Saddam Hussein to al-Qaeda!

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Kucinich: Bring Cheney before Congress to Testify Under Oath

Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Washington, May 21, 2009

Congressman Dennis Kucinich D-OH, who led opposition to the war in Iraq and introduced legislation to impeach both Vice President Dick Cheney and President George Bush, made the following statement in response to an address by Mr. Cheney at the American Enterprise Institute today:

“Today, Mr. Cheney gave a speech that immediately followed an address in which the President addressed his plans for prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay.  In his speech, Mr. Cheney argued that the events of 9/11 ‘justify a sustained wartime effort.’

“Mr. Cheney is wrong. The tragic events of 9/11 did not justify war in Iraq.  In fact, Mr. Cheney and others in the Bush administration manipulated the understandable shock and fear felt after the attacks of 9/11 to launch an unjustified war against Iraq.

“Mr. Cheney also argued that the torture of captives held at Guantanamo Bay was justified because it extracted information from our enemies. Again, Mr. Cheney is wrong. America’s moral standing in the world has undoubtedly diminished, as “Gitmo” has become an internationally recognized synonym for unlawful and immoral state action.  Torture does not protect us; it surrenders that which makes us great.”

Kucinich added, “It is time that Mr. Cheney was brought before Congress and the American people to testify under oath to explain his false claims of weapons of mass destruction and his false claim of a link between Iraq and 9/11.  Americans are waiting for the truth.  He should not be permitted to hide behind the rhetoric of fear.”

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    Freedom, Truth, or Justice can not be sustained w/o “Official” Accountability and Responsibility.

    No one is “Above” the law[s].

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