Obama orders Gates to update plan for Iran strike

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by Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 05.22.09, 23:02

American defense secretary tells NBC television president has instructed him to refresh plans for military action against Tehran prepared during Bush era. ‘Presidents always ask their military to have a range of contingency plans available to them,’ he says

WASHINGTON – Technical or offensive move? US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said Friday that President Barack Obama had asked him to update the plans for the use of military force against Iran which were prepared during former President George W. Bush’s term.

In an interview to NBC television’s Today show, the American defense secretary explained that “presidents always ask their military to have a range of contingency plans available to them. And all I would say is that, as a result of our dialogue with the president, we have refreshed our plans and all options are on the table.”


But he did not suggest the United States should take military action to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. He echoed the Obama administration’s policy that big powers should work together to persuade Iran not to pursue a nuclear bomb and halt the proliferation of nuclear weapons generally.


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Western Media Propagandize Iran’s Missile Test

By Jeremy R. Hammond
Featured Writer
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Foreign Policy Journal
May 21, 2009

Iran announced on Wednesday that it had successfully tested its Sejil 2 surface-to-surface missile, and Western media sources took the opportunity to portray the Middle Eastern nation as a threat to world peace and, specifically, as a threat to Israel.

The Seijl 2 missile has a range of about 1,200 miles, and thus would be capable of hitting Israel, but Iran’s President Ahmadinejad announced in a speech following what he deemed a successful test that the missile’s purpose was to protect Iran from the threat of aggression.

Still, media accounts in the U.S. and other Western nations portrayed Iran’s test as a threatening provocation and linked it to an Iranian nuclear weapons program there is no evidence actually exists.

The London Times’ headline alarmingly read “Ahmadinejad claims Iran’s new missile is capable of hitting Israel”.


via Western Media Propagandize Iran’s Missile Test | Foreign Policy Journal.


Short video:

Iran test-fires advanced two-stage missile



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