Countdown: Mancow Interview

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May 26, 2009 MSNBC Keith Olbermann

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Conservative Radio Host Mancow Waterboarded! Says It’s ABSOLUTLY TORTURE!

Christopher Hitchens on Torture, and More

from the archives:

Christopher Hitchens Gets Waterboarded (2008)

3 thoughts on “Countdown: Mancow Interview

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  2. I’m glad you linked the Hitchens video (you are always very thorough Lo!) because when comparing the two you can see how sloppy and crude the Madcow waterboarding was and still had the same result. We’ve had endless testimony from experts, its by exact definition torture in law, we have no proof of even its effectiveness over standard interrogation and still the pervasive meme that it is not torture continues. Its really surreal to see this play out as we live in a age where reality does not matter and the media is able to create these alternate false-truths.

    • Thanks, Erkd. Yes, I agree we need to see these videos and hear from those who have gone through it (even though so much less intense and terrifying than what the prisoners had to go through).

      What gets me is that the corporate media is focusing only on waterboarding as torture and omitting all the others forms of torture that the “torture memos” contained. I can’t even believe that we are even discussing the use of torture! It’s obscene.

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