Azerbaijan seen as new front in Mideast conflict

Updated: June 2, 2009

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compiled by Cem Ertür
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
31 May, 2009

1) Azerbaijan seen as new front in Mideast conflict (30 May 2009)
2) A welcome new stage in Azerbaijani-Israeli ties (1 June 2009)

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excerpts from: Azerbaijan seen as new front in Mideast conflict

by Sebastian Rotella, Los Angeles Times, 30 May 2009

Officials say they foiled a plot by Hezbollah and Iran to bomb the Israeli Embassy in revenge for the 2008 slaying of Imad Mughniyah. Anti-terrorism officials fear a new militant hub. It happened in Baku, transforming the capital of Azerbaijan into a battleground in a global shadow war.The prosecution remained largely a secret until this week, when closed court proceedings began for two Lebanese and four Azeris charged with terrorism, espionage and other crimes. […]

The choice of Baku last year reflects Iran’s influence, said Matthew Levitt, a former intelligence chief at the U.S. Treasury Department. […] “The Iranians have a history of a presence there. And they wouldn’t mind undermining the country, given Azerbaijan’s Western leanings.”

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excerpts from: A welcome new stage in Azerbaijani-Israeli ties

by Alexander Murinson, Jerusalem Post, 1 June 2009

Relations between Israel, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan serve as a model for cooperation between the Jewish state and Muslim nations. […]

Peres is scheduled to visit Azerbaijan near the end of June as a part of his tour of the Muslim republics of the CIS. The visit to Baku will take place “at the highest level and with all honors.” […]

[T]he invitation for Peres to visit secular Muslim Azerbaijan, Iran’s northern neighbor, reaffirms the strategic relationship between the two countries. […]

The Azerbaijani media […] [quoted] the Iranian Chief of Staff Hasan Firudabadi […] [saying,] “The Shimon Peres visit does not seem like a friendly step in Azerbaijani relations with Iran.”


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  2. How many fronts can we fight?
    So far 2 in Iraq. 2 in afghanistan,
    No. Korea/China/Russia ?
    The Grand Chess Board wizzard is losing the game.

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