Kucinich on Saving the Auto Industry

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June 01, 2009

Dennis Kucinich talks about GM and China on Fox 06/01/09
Dennis Kucinich is a Congressman from the 10th district in Ohio

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7 thoughts on “Kucinich on Saving the Auto Industry

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  4. He is the only one even considering the plight of workers and retirees…I live in Ohio, and the Rust Belt is dying…my last neighbor, in this blue collar neighborhood, got foreclosed yesterday….I want revenge.

    I about fell off my chair when I heard Obama say that “we wont make any major decisions for them”…wtf not??

  5. Global trading policies based on bugger the worker, and exploit the poor are part of the root cause of the financial meltdown which the Rockefellers and their elite friends will use to further concentrate their ill-gotten wealth.

    Let’s hope the factor that they can accurately calculate—just how much exploitation the working class will put up with before exploding–flies in the face of their greedy and selfish plans.

    Kucinich continues to study the issues and speak with common sense–a comodity in very short supply in the Congress.

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