Countdown: Is Cheney Preparing For A War Crimes Trial?

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June 02, 2009 MSNBC

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One thought on “Countdown: Is Cheney Preparing For A War Crimes Trial?

  1. I think the pundits are hitting the bullseye on this one. Especially Olbermann , who said he believes Cheney seems to be running scared of a possible war crimes trial. This seems to jibe with the recent pathetic attempt at PR by Cheney to embrace gay marriage and the doubletalk on torture. Running scared? Methinks yes!

    From another perspective, having Cheney take the fall in a war crimes trial could also give the “big boys” the political cash they desperately need to forward their plan to “internationalize” the treatment of crime. Might be helpful to “sacrifice” one of their own to forward their agenda. It’s done all the time.

    Perhaps Cheney has gotten wind of their plan and this underlies the fear. Recent presentations at Bilderberg included internationalizing criminal courts. If this is the case, it seems Cheney is viewed as low on the food chain by the real bosses. Folks would do well to remember this and watch closely the outcome.

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