Bill Moyers Journal: Jeremy Scahill + Brooke Gladstone and Jay Rosen

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Bill Moyers Journal
June 5, 2009

Jeremy Scahill

Bill Moyers sits down with award-winning investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill to examine the human and financial costs of America’s wars.

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Brooke Gladstone & Jay Rosen

From headlines surrounding the health care debate to media frenzy over Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, NPR’s On the Media host Brooke Gladstone and NYU journalism professor and PressThink blogger Jay Rosen sort the messages and spin from the week’s news.

via Bill Moyers Journal . Watch & Listen | PBS

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6 thoughts on “Bill Moyers Journal: Jeremy Scahill + Brooke Gladstone and Jay Rosen

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  5. I think Scahill is one of the bravest journalists working today.

    He was also on Bill Maher last night, who is becoming , in stages, more and more cowed to the Demnocratic Party, since leaving the East Coast. When he got a chance to speak, I found myself saying. “Yes! Yes!”.

    His book, “Blackwater” is a hard read, in more ways than one–his blog, RebelReports , is one of the best. I read it when it first came out and, am not amazed to learn that Obama is following Bush’s pattern. (or even increasing private military–what a clever way to say that “the troops are being pulled out”)

    Like he says, (along with Naomi Klein), it is time for progressives to take off the Obama t-shirts!

    Anyone who hasnt checked out his site, should!

    I’m sorry, but Brooke Gladstone needs to talk less and get rid of the Pollyanna syndrome. I am not sure I agree with any of what Jay Rosen had to say, but, how would you know?? lol

    I’ve heard this theory that the internet will fix the media mess, but, too many are still not online, and too many trust sources that they should not, or, do not have time to research to know whom to trust. I have subscribed to blogs and sites, only to find out, later, that they are Dem Party funded.
    You might as well watch MSNBC , which, to me, is a neo-liberal version of Fox News. True progressives need to think for themselves. I occasionally tune in if there is a specific topic goign to be discussed that someone has told me about.

    BTW–here is Maher’s show’s site, which is only occasionally worth watching–it was worth it last night! If just for Scahill….

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