Thom Hartmann on Obama

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Hartman: Will Obama behave like Roosevelt or will he create a moment of opportunity for the right?

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  1. Re: Thom Hartman

    The progressives/liberals not only have no ‘secondary structure’ to promote their ideas, they have no primary structure. Despite the vain hope placed in Obama, the Democratic Party is, by no means, a liberal/progressive organization. Indeed, one look at Obama’s proposed 2010 ‘black budget’ military outlays, his stance on military tribunals, and his misguided policies co-opted by the banks and GM ought to put to rest the notion that he he can transform the status quo.

    Conservatives entered into an unholy alliance with religious fundamentalists to further their agenda. They had outspoken public leaders (Falwell, Robertson, etal) to focus their message and elected politicans to promote their adenda.

    Liberals/progressives not only have no comparable public figures to disseminate their message, they also lack the political organization that allows for the implementation of their ideals.

    The problem with liberals is that we learned the lesson of Kent State (and JFK, MLK & RFK) all too well, and were cowed into simply looking after number one instead of continuing to organize protests and marches in the streets seeking change and justice.

  2. Employees free choice act, or National Union, wages and benefits granted by whom?
    Will strike[ing] be a barganing tool, or will it be stymied with contractual obligations, and by the Judiciary ?
    Caviot Emptor !

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