Forced vacation for Dandelion Salad

The Internet connection went down last night right before 7 PM.  Found out that a line/cable had been cut and “they are working on it”.  Am typing this from the public library.

Thanks for your patience.



8 thoughts on “Forced vacation for Dandelion Salad

  1. T.Y.
    Was concerned that post[s]were missing.
    Thanks for your efforts to inform, resectfully U.

    • Dandelion Salad is fine, it’s hosted by the free blogs at From what little I’ve heard about this problem is that a cable/line was cut and they are repairing it and it has effected the entire state.

      Thanks for the link, others may be interested in it.

    • Oh, thanks, Natureboy, wouldn’t that be cool. It does get frustrating losing the connection so often. Of course, this time it’s a huge problem that they are fixing and it has the entire state down!

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