America Incorporated By Timothy V. Gatto

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By Timothy V. Gatto
Featured Writer
Dandelion Salad
June 14, 2009

So many different viewpoints by so many different people are starting to drive me to distraction. But isn’t that the point? It would be a very bad thing for those that are supposedly running this country if the people were all on the same page and actually realized what was going on. I call this part of our “American experience” pure fantasy wrapped in solid, realistic, wishful thinking. We can’t see the forest not for the trees, but because there is no forest, it’s been mortgaged to China along with the rest of the country.

I don’t want anyone thinking that those in power don’t know what they are doing; they know exactly what they are doing. This doesn’t mean that Obama knows what he is doing, but he isn’t the one in power now, is he? No, the sad truth is that those that make policy while the politicians play pretend know exactly what they are doing. The days of nation-states setting policy for themselves is quickly coming to a close. Those who are fortunate/unfortunate to understand the big game plan really don’t have the heart to tell the governments that believe they are running their countries the truth, the game plan has changed and if this were baseball, the politicians would be playing the position of left-out.

The transnational corporations, the NGO’s and the large foundations and commissions, along with the Federal Reserve, are running the show here in America. They give the people and their elected or unelected representatives just enough power to cause the masses to polarize into one bloc or another, and to fight over things that make good press and keep them divided, but in reality they don’t amount to anything that comes close to being important.

Just for a moment, consider the massive “bail-outs” that most countries are funding to try and keep their economies afloat. Some say that they are a good thing, and some say that they will drive the global economy to ruin. The truth is that these massive cash infusions, usually achieved by printing fiat currency, are only benefitting one sector; the central banks that print money and then charge their nations that take it… interest. In the United States, every dollar printed by the Federal Reserve comes with its own debt attached. I’ve heard all kinds of rates mentioned and the one I hear the most is 8%. This means that for every dollar the United States receives from the Fed, we pay $1.08.

Here is where this gets a bit mind-boggling. I’ve read that the bail-outs have cost America upwards of 14 TRILLION DOLLARS. If anyone figured this out, the Federal Reserve, made up of private for-profit banks, made somewhere in the vicinity of 1.12 Trillion Dollars in interest alone just printing this money! So how does this affect your perception of fiscal responsibility? Will you file this article away in a small, dusty and dark part of your mind and relegate this information to the “I can’t do anything about it” file? Just dwell on the numbers for a bit. This is over a Trillion dollars! That could fund single-payer medical insurance for the entire nation!

Who Owns The Federal Reserve?

Let’s take a look at how the ownership of this fraudulent central bank reveals powerful families like the Rockefellers and Rothschild’s.

* Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin
* Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris
* Israel Moses Sieff Banks of Italy
* Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Germany and Amsterdam
* Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York
* Lehman Brothers Bank of New York
* Goldman Sachs Bank of New York
* Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (Controlled by the Rockefeller Family Tree)

You be the judge. Remember, this country is now run by corporations which have no other interest than their financial well-being in mind. They are transnational corporations that have no loyalty to any one nation. Since the government bail-outs and investments in insurance companies, auto manufacturers, investment banks, commercial banks and many other corporations, the U.S. is truly morphing into a corporate-state.

Only when corporate money is removed from the political campaigns, and PAC’s and lobbyists are strictly regulated so that corporate influence is not the predominant power in government, only then will the people be once again represented by their elected officials. Corporate money is the prime funding for State and Federal election campaigns. It has been said that the business of America is business. I don’t believe however, that this is what anyone desired.


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